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Facebook wall ad not posted by friends and text message of shipment


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I wasn't sure where to post this so hope its the correct place. :/

1) Two of my facebook friends have a weight loss ad running on their wall. It looks like they shared the ad, but both say they didn't. One friends ad has been posting for 3 weeks now. This one has a recent ad that was shared to many of their facebook friends as I can see the links to the friends.  The other friend this has happened to recently. This is what one of the ad's say. Usually it has the age, then the ad spiel. "Kate battled with weight and then found this powerful combination. " I LOVE This! I have gone 2 pant sizes down, but most of all I feel great! My husband is amazed too, my belly flattened just after a couple of weeks into this. Can't imagine my life without it! My pants are too big so... I already went shopping before traveling " Join thousands of women loving their results. >>>>>>>"

How do I help them stop this on their facebook wall? Its not always enough to report it as spam. People say their facebook has been "hacked". Im not sure about that, but there must be some way to stop it.

2) I was online to AT&T web site the other day. I was looking at the iphones they have for sale to possibly upgrade my phone. I didn't place an order, I logged out of the AT&T web site. About a day later my hubby gets a text (his is the main phone # on the cell account) saying his iphone has shipped out via Amazon. I'm like well I got onto AT&T web site and was looking at phones, but didn't order anything and they wouldn't ship via Amazon. So we knew it was phishing. However, my concern is how anyone knew I was looking at iphones on the AT&T web site is beyond me. How was this done and how do I prevent it from happening again? I plan to contact AT&T Fraud dept to report it. I feel like their site should be secure from anyone knowing I was there looking at phones. 

Any ideas guys?

Thanks for any help anyone can give, 


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