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  1. I wasn't sure where to post this so hope its the correct place. :/ 1) Two of my facebook friends have a weight loss ad running on their wall. It looks like they shared the ad, but both say they didn't. One friends ad has been posting for 3 weeks now. This one has a recent ad that was shared to many of their facebook friends as I can see the links to the friends. The other friend this has happened to recently. This is what one of the ad's say. Usually it has the age, then the ad spiel. "Kate battled with weight and then found this powerful combination. " I LOVE This! I have gone 2 pant si
  2. Sorry I kinda disappeared. I had to go back to work and my work systems detected the stuff I downloaded so I had to remove them to be able to work. So I will start this last part again and get it cleaned up before I have to remove them again. ~Tina
  3. Ok So I did the scan and it found 7 items. Could you tell me what these items are (I found out that Pokki is a start menu program)? I don't want to remove something that is needed for work, but Im just seeing Pokki and Patricia Leeth. As for the Patricia Leeth files, my son made a copy of these files as a back up from a external hard drive. He wanted to use the hard drive. So to ensure files on the drive aren't lost, he made a back up of it on my computer just in case. Should I go ahead and remove the files, then scan the hard drive before making a back up again? This was my mom's hard dr
  4. Hello! I got the bitcoin scam email on February 26th. While doing the scans, I did some research and found that the FTC knows of this scam and requests to report it to them for which I will. In the mean time, I want to be fully certain that there isnt anything sketchy on my computer. I do use it for work and log in through a vpn type server before I work, but when not working I do read emails, use facebook and other social media sites. Even though it concerned me that they do have my password (as correctly stated in the email) the FTC says its due to breaches at various establishments that en
  5. NP Ron. I will see what I can do to get this resolved. If there are issues after I get Windows back up, then I'll come back here with a new request. I also have desk top with issues, so when I find the time I'll be back with that issue as well. Thanks again for your time in this matter. Hopefully I can figure out what in the world happened and get it resolved. Happy Holidays! Tina
  6. No, I dont have access to an external USB Drive and I looked int some and they are $60 and up. Cant get into Safe Mode that I now of. What I was told a while back was to start the computer and press F8 and it never worked before I had these issues. When I log in I get the choice to choose US and then then the Advanced screen comes up. I can only go where that screen is and try some of the options like Reset and Restore, etc. I have not tried all the options available. Im still working on it though.
  7. Follow up...I made the recovery disk but it still did not work. It was suggested to me on EightForums.com to try rebooting the computer by holding down shift, the power button and hitting the restart button at the same time. Well, worked and got me to the Advanced screen. At that point in the Advanced setting, I should have had the options of Refresh and Reset and none of those options were there. The ONLY option was the UEFI Firmware settings. It was later suggested I reboot from the recovery USB flash drive using a link to an Acer tutorial. I followed all instructions and finally was able
  8. So far nothing. I made an ISO file so I could create a bootable UEFI USB flash drive to be able to boot from it, but there is actually no way to boot from it. From my understanding, I have to be able to tell my computer to boot from the flash drive. This cant happen as I cant get into my computer at all. Its stuck on the sign in screen and there is no way past it. Now I am working on making a recovery disk. That is my absolute last option. If this does not work, I will probably have to just throw a less than 2 yo computer in the trash. I cant see any way past this issue and I dont even under
  9. I am looking into this right now. I'll get back to you when completed. Thanks!
  10. Hello, Before we begin, I do have an issue. I am now unable to get past the Win 8 log in screen. This past weekend, I was looking for a way to access SafeMode in order to get the logs I knew you would need to help me w/my issues. When I made it to the "Troubleshooting" screen, my only options were "Turn off your PC" and "UEFI Firmware Settings". I chose the UEFI Firmware Settings. Since this screen was useless to me, I chose ESC to get out of it. It asked me "Are you sure you want to Exit without making any changes?" and I chose Yes. When re-booted (it did this automatically), it took me bac
  11. Oh exactly do I contact someone? I have looked all over. I would not think an "expert" is the same as a Moderator?
  12. Thank you so much for your response, its greatly appreciated. Yes, I agree that my post lacked the requested logs, but I tried very hard to get them before posting, but that laptop wouldnt allow it. Unfortunately, I have now messed it up even more trying to get the logs this evening. I am waiting patiently and understand that it could take time for someone to respond. I was just concerned that since I commented on the post it would be overlooked. Thanks again and have a great evening.
  13. Hello, If I posted to get assistance in the forium for a possible virus and I posted a reply on it giving additianal information, will someone still respond to the post and help me? I also needt to now post additional info because I messed up the computer more (did NOT make any changes). Tina
  14. Extremely Frustrated

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