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False positive homework303.


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After investing a lot of work in a new website, I asked a potential customer to test it.

He reported to me that its IP number had gotten blocked by your Malwarebytes AntiMalware program.

I received the IP number about 10 days ago. I could ask for a new IP number, but it might be blocked also.

Apparently, my IP number has a tainted history. Can anyone help me? The domain name is "homework303.com", and the IP number is

I have three questions:

1. Can we "unblock" this IP?

2. If so, how long will it take for the change to propagate to my potential customer?

3. How can I find a web hosting company with untainted IP numbers?

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Looking over the domains that are or were, hosted on this IP range, it would appear the entire hosting company has a tainting issue (to put it politely).

Based on what I've seen on this range, I'd advise changing to a different hosting company as soon as possible. Although I can't recommend a specific hosting company at present (I host most of my sites myself, and the rest, on a friends server), I used to use Inspiratech 2000 Ltd (inspiratech.uk.com), and HostGator (hostgator.com) have a good reputation.

My advice for those seeking a hosting company is to enquire about the IP ranges they use, and research the ranges, aswell as the hosting company - this will highlight any issues with both of them.

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There's a multitude of sites you can use to investigate IP ranges, including;





hosts-file.net is run by me, and provides the relevant links to other sites you can use for research (including for example, Google diagnostics).

If when contacting a hosting company, they refuse to tell you which IP ranges they use, this should immediately spark a red flag.

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