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FreeBSD: Emsisoft Browser Security, Malwarebytes Browser Guard, NoScript …


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Many years ago, before I abandoned Apple products, I used things such as ClamXAV.

After switching to FreeBSD, I maintained an interest in Kaspersky software. The interest mostly ended mid-2018:

In April 2018 I began using Malwarebytes Browser Extension with Waterfox.

The introduction of Malwarebytes Browser Guard brought an end to official compatibility with Waterfox Classic. I continue to use current releases of the extension – with minimal difficulty – alongside a range of legacy and non-legacy extensions, including Fox Web Security and Emsisoft Browser Security.

Long ago, for test purposes I installed NoScript (legacy version 5.1.9). Today I decided to enable – and continue using – the extension. Allowing 2/5 scripts for Malwarebytes Forums:


I'm not aware of a GUI for security/clamav (ClamAV®).

Re: https://redd.it/bhxxio a few months ago I tried security/rkhunter (The Rootkit Hunter project).

Found but not yet watched: Writing FreeBSD Malware (by Shawn Webb) - YouTube (2018-04-24).


For basic Malwarebytes Forums functionality:

  • in NoScript, must I allow any other script?

Beyond rkhunter:

  • is there anything like an anti-malware solution for FreeBSD?

– asking here first; elsewhere later.


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