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I'm an admin for a professional association website. IP address is: (ec2-34-226-77-200.compute-1.amazonaws.com). The Malwarebytes Chrome browser extension (version 1.0.42)  identifies the site as "suspicious" only when I log in as an admin, and then only when I proceed to move to a new page within the admin structure, i.e., the Malwarebytes warning does not appear immediately upon logging in.

We use Wild Apricot, a membership site platform, which is where/how admin changes are made.

I added the domain address for our site to Malwarebytes for Windows, but I don't know how to whitelist it for the Chrome browser extension. 

I also ran a blacklist check via ipvoid.com - results attached - we are not listed on any of the blacklist site lists.

IP Blacklist Check.pdf

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Thanks for reaching out, can you get me the console logs from Chrome?

Please follow below steps:
1.    Open a Chrome browser
2.    Click on the hamburger menu icon (3 dots)
3.    Click on More Tools
4.    Click on Developer Tools
5.    Click on the Settings icon to open and close the settings options 
6.    Select Preserve log
7.    Select Show timestamps
8.    Click on the circle icon on the left side of the console panel
9.    The log will be cleared
10.     Revisit the site in question or try to reproduce the issue
11.     Copy the log from console and save it to a text file 
12.     Zip it and PM me please

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