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  1. we are blocking a tracker on the page that is serving that field, you can turn of ads/tracker protection to continue.
  2. rakka

    Edge Extension?

    Edge is now moving to Chromium based browser, we will have our extension listed on Microsoft store. It is in the roadmap.
  3. Distinguished Members, Over the course of a year and a half, you have immensely helped us in polishing Malwarebytes Browser Extension BETA. Together, we have resolved many false positives, compatibility issues, and added feature improvements. It is time for Malwarebytes Browser Extension to come out of BETA. Starting today, Malwarebytes Browser Extension will be called “Malwarebytes Browser Guard”. We will continue to offer it as a free product including the outstanding browser level web protection capabilities. Malwarebytes Browser Guard provides new features like: New UI/UX: All controls on the main dashboard (no more dedicated settings web page) Visibility on what is being blocked on the current page (lists all blocked ads and trackers) New UX improvements under “Allow list” page Statistics: View historical blocked data numbers for Malware, Scams, PUPs, and Ads/Trackers Selectable date ranges User Guide for Malwarebytes Browser Guard can be found here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-3446 Again, we would like to thank you all for your continued support. Product walkthrough Main Dashboard Statistics Allow List Block Page FAQs What is the released version? v2.0.2 is the released version that contains new UI/UX and renamed product. Firefox will automatically update Browser Guard to the latest version as they are released. Upgrade from BETA to Guard? Product upgrade will be transparent, without disruption in service or loss of “Allow list”. Why do we need email ID? We are beginning to collect email addresses to improve Malwarebytes specific product communications with our customers. We will not, under any circumstances, share your email address with other individuals or organizations. Important: During new installations users may be asked in the product UI to provide their email address in order to activate the product. This can be any email (not limited to Gmail). Not everyone will see this email screen as it is being still tested with two different user groups.
  4. @Nazareno stats are part of the local DB and are not collected as part of the telemetry. Please refer to Browser Guard's Privacy Policy here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/privacy/policy-for-browser-guard/
  5. @BillH99999 I know this issue has been long standing and we have tried multiple fixes to correct the issue. Unfortunately in order for this new fix to work, we had to bypass some ads, this is done to ensure that user experience is not broken like earlier (no images). However, we will continue to investigate and come up with better solution. Ad blocking is a cat and mouse game.
  6. @Frank_ we have removed the additional permission that Google was asking users before installing the extension as they we redundant. If you see the email screen upon installation, you can still provide us your email for communication. If my account is registered at my.malwarebytes.com.... will I get the promotional emails? - YES
  7. Update: we have removed the permission asking for "know your email address" v2.0.1 will no longer ask for email related permissions. Firefox: v2.0.1 for FF has been disabled for now, we are working on few fixes before bringing it back online.
  8. Update: Fix for this issue is coming out next week.
  9. rakka

    incognito mode

    @Zeus_Dog Google turns off extensions in incognito mode by default. You can still use/enable our extension in incognito mode by clicking kabab icon on top left of Chrome and going into More tools > Extension
  10. Please reference for mode details:
  11. Malwarebytes Browser Guard has no way to know your email address or read it automatically. Users need to provide us there email ID by entering it in UI during product activation, and it can be any email (not limited to gmail). Google needs to update the term "know your email address", sounds like an automated email collection. Workaround: If you don't want to provide an email, please re-install Browser Guard and you should not see the email activation screen. This feature is not permanent and depending on the response we get, we will decide the future of it.
  12. @BillH99999 there will be opt-out option in the email
  13. @Alpharius Why do we need email ID? We are collecting email addresses to know our customers better, it will be used to deliver product level communications along with promotions and important outage information. We will not, in any circumstances, share your email address with other individuals or organizations.
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