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  1. @sman can you please provide the URL in question above? thanks
  2. @sman above is a known issue with Google Chromium project, when two or more extensions using Download permissions the file name gets modified to a random string. Unfortunately not much we can do unless Google fixes the issue.
  3. Can you please try it out again? is the issue still occuring?
  4. @bosonmartin i tried both URLs mentioned above and don't see any block.
  5. @leo3487 can you please provide me the URL that you clicked and block page occured?
  6. @Branford thanks for above is the issue happening 24/7 or only when you visit ifixit.com?
  7. @grahamperrin thanks for the suggestion, but Browser Guard does not make any content related recommendations. hopefully something in future.
  8. @Branford that links seems to be of your local system can you please download the logs locally on your system first and PM me directly please? thanks
  9. @Envy14 There is nothing wrong with the site listed above, downloads from hosting sites are being flagged by Browser Guard as they are used for spreading malware. This blocking is part of the aggressive protection that Browser Guard provides. You can bypass from the current and future block pages for mega.nz by adding https://mega.nz/ to your Allow List of trusted domains in Browser Guards allow list.
  10. Apologies for the delay, all downloads are now whitelisted from https://developer.samsung.com/
  11. @MAXBAR1 Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks all known web threats for Mac and Windows.
  12. @BABOO can you please confirm if all the above links are working for you without showing block pages?
  13. @USN_Swizzle I am able to play videos fine on FB MLB videos are served by a tracking and ad server http://moatads.com/ you can bypass this by whitelisting the ad server http://moatads.com/
  14. @exile360 yes, that's phase II and we are working on it.
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