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ANSWERED Well-intentioned site marked as phishing Part2

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Part 1 is here -->https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/239670-well-intentioned-site-marked-as-phishing/?tab=comments#comment-1282758

Windows activation issues prevented me finishing the previous post before it was closed. I fixed them. Now I have a new installation, and the website in question is still causing an alert.

A friend's website gets a Malwarebytes Phishing alert (Outgoing from Firefox.exe)

I am concerned about the negative publicity this may cause.

My Firefox is up-to-date with no extensions and only 2 plug-ins -> OPENH264(Cisco Systems) and Widevine (Google)


PS - I got logged out and lost my post -->Grrrr!

I logged back in and it got restored! --> YEAAAAAH! Many thanks.

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