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Windows 10 Network access issues when Malwarebytes installed

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The company I work for is currently using Malwarebytes to protect all of our laptops.  Deployment is done largely via the Enterprise edition console and infection information is monitored there.  

About 2 weeks ago we started having some issues accessing programs like Creo and IST Spring calculator that run off of our network drives.  Having done quite a bit of research and testing we discovered that if we turned off the Malwarebytes File system protection that those programs ran just fine.  What confused us is that we have no issues running any of those programs from older laptops that are currently running windows 7 or laptops that had already been deployed and in circulation that were running windows 10.

It seems that sporadically these issues will pop up and cause a laptop to completely freeze up unless we turn off Malwarebytes File System protection.


Has anyone else run into a similar issue and if so what was the solution that you ended up coming to?

For simplicity I have attached the support tool logs from one of the laptops that we are seeing the issue on.


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MBAM 1.75 and 1.80 have known issues around apps that run from or write to drive shares and sometimes log on scripts that assign the shares. See this post for our available workarounds - 


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I'll try those out tomorrow when I can grab a list of computers that are having issues and get back to you.  Thanks for the quick response.

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