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IP blocked .Is the site metropolisradio.gr.I check with other programs and it is ok.Even the version 1.39 of malwarebytes find nothing.The new version 1.40 block this IP.And the more strange thing is that .The site is blocked when iam trying to access it from FireFox v 3.5.2.I have no problem when i access it from IE 8.

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It's not actually hpHosts (I run hpHosts) that needs to resolve this - it's the owner of the IP range (NetDirekt), as they're the ones hosting the malicious sites (they've ignored my reports).

Probably you are right.I had response from Steven Burn of Ur I.T. Mate Group.Ho wrote me this.

<< Please refer to my response in the Malwarebytes thread concerning this.


Steven Burn

Ur I.T. Mate Group


::: Declaration :::

Ur I.T. Mate Group is NOT a company, it is the name given to a collection of

websites developed and maintained by Steven Burn.

Websites and software currently owned, operated and developed by Ur I.T.

Mate Group are provided on a free to view and use basis. Ur I.T. Mate Group

does not and will not ask for or solicit, personal information*, password,

credit card details or payments. For more information, please see our

Privacy Policy. >>

But the strange thing is why the alarm shows in FireFox and not in IE.

Thank you again for your response.

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Steven Burn = Me <_<

I'm a little curious as to why it's not showing in IE as the IP Protection intercepts communications for all programs accessing a network or the internet.

You tell me.I usually work with firefox because the usual errors don't effect the operating system in my case the windows XP. With IE because they are part of windows the erros many times make the operating system unstable.This problem appears with the IP i mentioned above.I don't know if other IP's behave the same.In any case i can live with that.But it would be nice if in the future releases have the ability to add manually in the exception list the IP's they are blocked wrongly.

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Ok i solved the mystery with IE. In IE i have in LAN adjustment the proxy server of my connection.If i remove that the IP is blocked as it happens with firefox.If this happens and for the real threats i found it very dangerous because i don't have protection .I hope the proxy server i have checks for the malware and other viruses.

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