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wx1.sinaimg.cn and wx3.sinaimg.cn blocked


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Hi, my MB is blocking what I believe is a legitimate website, or more likely the images from the website.  The problematic website is weibo.com.  It's the Chinese equivalent to Facebook or Twitter, and has hundreds of millions of users.  I've used this website for years now (along with MB active protection) and have just recently gotten these website block notifications.  I was using MBAM version 2 when I started seeing the blocks, and have now upgraded to MB version 3 and are still seeing the same blocks. I don't know if it's something they may have changed in their website interface, as there are always updates, or if it's a change made in MB lately.  But it seems to have to do with the servers where their images are stored.  It seems when I encounter these website blocks notifications, the associated images won't load, as seen in the attached screenshot.  The domain name, ip, and port will also change with each website block notification, I guess due to the specific image that's being blocked.  The IP address of the same server seems to also change with each request, is that normal?  For example, wx1.sinaimg.cn is associated with the ip addresses sometimes and,, or at others.  And wx3.sinaimg.cn has the IPs,, and  etc....

I've attached 3 screenshots of the notifications, several of the block reports from MB3, and a protection log from MBAM version 2 which includes more of the blocks so you can see more examples.  I'm hesitant to set a web exclusion as I'm not sure if there is an actual threat.  Could you please check into those two servers listed wx1.sinaimg.cn and wx3.sinaimg.cn and why they are being blocked and if in fact they are threats or false positives?  Thanks!

website block.jpg

website block1.jpg

MB3 website block.jpg

MB3 web blocks.txt

MBAM2 protection log.txt

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