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hello i'm requesting that authedmine.com & & be unblocked as they do not spam and they don't contain a virus here is more information




A Note to Adblock and Antivirus Vendors

There is no need to block AuthedMine.com or any scripts hosted on this domain.

AuthedMine.com offers a Monero miner that can be embeded into other Websites. This miner will only ever run after an explicit opt-in from the user. The miner never starts without this opt-in.

We implemented a secure token to enforce this opt-in on our servers. It is not circumventable by any means and we pledge that it will stay this way. The opt-in token is only valid for the current browser session (at max 24 hours) and the current domain. The user will need to opt-in again in the next session or on a different domain.

The opt-in notice is hosted on our servers and can not be changed by website owners. There is no sneaky way to force users into accepting this opt-in.

Click here to see how the Opt-In looks like: [start mining].

A detailed and technical explanation of the Opt-In can be found in our documentation.

We believe that browser based mining can be a viable alternative for intrusive and annoying ads if used honestly and with consent by the user. We kindly ask Adblock and Antivirus Vendors to support us.

Please help us build a better web.




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