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IP exclusion that I didn't add

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Hi I've been using the Free MWB for a while and got the latest version with a free trial of pro, which ended about a week ago. i was going through the settings just now and noticed an exclusion for the IP which I definitely didn't add. It's apparently a server in Poland. Full scan with MWB and BD, nothing came up. I cannot remove or edit this exclusion, unsure if that's because I'm back to a free version?

Two main questions, 1: can I/should I remove it and 2. does this mean there's a trojan or another such infection that's active and has somehow stayed under the radar of multiple scans from MWB and BD?

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If you right click the system tray icon after a website is blocked, there is an option to exclude the site there, perhaps it was clicked accidentally?

That being said, the web exclusion should be removed upon reverting to free mode. The best solution is probably to run mb-clean from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean which will remove all current settings and then re-install a clean version of MB3

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Thanks that sounds likely, if a torrent had a blocked site and I was clicking around too fast, may have excluded on accident. I was able to remove it only by adding a new exclusion to then deleting both. For some reason once it goes back to free you can't delete exclusions (although I knew you couldn't add them). Might be a good feature to allow deletes but not adds in the free version. Thanks for the reply!

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