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Problem with Capture One

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Capture One (photo software) has always sent data to a third-party site (2f0aefe3fb994054b884b2a408e73967.monitor-eqatec.com) in order to analyze the user's behavior. This is not optional (agreed, this is a problem with Capture One not with MB3). However, since the installation of Capture One 10.2, MB3 systematically blocks these transfers. I have added the site to the exclusion list but I'd like to know why MB3 is now blocking the site while it ignored these outbound transfers until now.


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I have made sure that my MB3 database is up-to-date, I removed the exclusion for 2f0aefe3fb994054b884b2a408e73967.monitor-eqatec.com and Capture One is still blocked. Maybe the database update is not yet available in my location ? I'm in France.



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OK. There's a problem with the updates. In the Dashboard, MB3 was telling me Updates : Current. I clicked on "current" to be sure and it said "current" again. Capture One was still blocked. Then I went to Settings | Application | Application Updates (where both options were ON) and I clicked on Install Application Updates. Something was downloaded but the MB3 version number didn't change. MB3 is no longer blocking Capture One.

Now, there's something I don't understand. What is an application update ? Is it a program update or a database update ? Why does the dashboard say that I'm up-to-date while I'm obviously not ?

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