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MBAM identified NIS as Ransomware


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I Received several "Ransomware automatically quarantined" popup messages on 7/27/17 on my Win7 64bit system.

Name: Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic 

Path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\N...ngine\\nis.exe.

This is the Norton Internet Security app MBAM is flagging. What the Heck is going on here?

MBAM and NIS have always played well together on all of my PC systems. MBAM said it quarantined nis.exe it but I see no entries in the quarantine list. Also, the dashboard shows "Real-Time detections: 13", how can I see detailed information on those 13 detections? The reports show nothing of value, the quarantine list is empty. I need to see some detail on what MBAM has done.

- I also  encountered the same Ransomware message I described above on a 2nd Win7 64bit PC yesterday. Same situation. These two PCs are never running at the same time so there is no way one could have infected the other.
- Possibly unrelated: ocassionally MWB starts and the "detect Root Kits" option in the Protection Tab has been turned off - how is that happening?

Please look into any recent MWB - NIS incompatibilities that are occurring possible due to software updates. Please advise on what you find and any suggestions. Thank You.

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