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BSOD on bootup, can't get into Windows 10

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I already started a post in the general PC help thread but I guess this is actually a BSOD we're getting.  A blue screen with a "system code: BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO"

My friend recently changed some settings in his msconfig file on his Windows 10.  He went to the Boot tab, then to Advanced Options, then changed number of processors from 1 to 4, and then he also check marked the maximum memory box.  After this it would not boot correctly and it stalls at a screen showing "System Code: BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO"   System Restore won't work because it says their is no administrative account for some reason.  Can't get it to boot into Safemode either.  System Repair doesn't do anything.  I looked around and some things suggest doing something with the command prompt or bcedit but I wanted to ask about the problem first.  Thanks for the help.  We believe the msconfig change may be the problem but aren't exactly sure and were trying to figure out a way to fix it back.

It's a custom home built PC that's been running fine for a couple of years, it was upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 maybe a year ago.

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What happens when you try to boot into Safe Mode?
If able, this is the best way to recover from this.

Another option would be to try System Restore.
Another is to try a RESET using the Keep My Files option

Beyond that would be to remotely mount and edit the registry, to change the settings for the msconfig boot back to the original settings.
Here's a post that might help - but it was done for W7:  https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/the-msconfig-startup-selection-reverts-from-normal/efa472a1-f991-405b-93d0-543368f3f722

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