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Update to 3.0 now says can't connect to service

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I have a lifetime paid version of Malwarebytes that was working perfectly until this morning when i tried to update to 3.0 Now it doesn't work at all anymore..it still shows my old version and i get error messages can't start... can't connect. I have windows 7 Pro 64 bit and never had a problem until i tried this update. Is there a way to revert back to the previous version (even though it's showing i have my old version)??  I'm lost here... HELP Please...  Unable to start.... unable to connect the service... this is what i get when i try to use the program now... :(  

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Thank you Aura for you fast reply and Help. What i did is take a screenshot of my Identifier Code and License key first. Then i uninstalled all Malwarebytes from my computer. I also ran a 3rd party uninstaller called Geek which also checks leftovers in the registry. I Rebooted,then downloaded Malwarebytes again and installed it. After install,i entered my Identifier code and producy key. I Ran a scan with it and i'm happy to say 3.04 is working thanks to your help! I Uninstalled Anti-Exploit also. Do i need to re-install that or is included in what i just downloaded? Thank you soo much for your help..

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