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NETWORK breach remediation


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Thanks Dyllon,

I will also not get any scan result?

My plan is to do the remote scan on a regular basis and automated so I want to use task scheduler.

I used this command and i only got an error code 0.

psexec \\computername <remote_path>\mbmr scan -hyper -remove -noreboot




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Your scans should just show under the logs folder in .\logs\MBMR-STDOUT.XML. You can also use the –stdlog:<filepath> switch to change the logging location if you wish. With psexec, you've got to open the remote cmd first, and from that remote cmd, run the mbmr commands. Don't forget to register and update first as well.


Here's how I'd approach this. First make a bat file of the remediation scan you want to do. Here's mine, I'm using mbbr here but the commands and principle is the same (save for the name). I've made a full, threat and hyper scan to engage at will.



Here's my hyper scan...



Here's the commands, note that I'm turning the color option off to better be compatible with psexec's output. Put these bat's in the mbmr directories on the endpoints you with which you wish to interact, same folder as the mbmr/mbbr executable.

mbmr settings -color:off
mbmr register -key:XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
mbmr update
mbmr scan -hyper -remove -noreboot


Then from your admin workstation or server, use psexec to start that bat file, my vm in this example has a simple name, "Win8".







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Hi Dyllon,


Thank you for giving the details, this is very helpful.

However, is it possible to save the scan result in the admin workstation?

We plan to copy, scan, then delete the entire mbbr folder to the remote host so that no that there will be no trace on the remote workstation. 




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