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Deployment after Migration

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Hello All,

We recently migrated the Management Server to a new server.  The migration seemed to go pretty smooth.  The last step I wanted to do was make a new deployment that points to the new server IP address.  The package that comes out of the new server seems to make the new deployments point to the old server address.  Any idea how to update the package to point to the new server?  Here are the steps I took to migrate the server:

1) Backup DB on old server

2) Install MBAM Management Software and Console on new server

3) Restore DB settings on new servers

4) Deployed package that points endpoints to the new server per the following link:





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Hello WhatsThisFor,

There is a file that you may need to change for the package to go to the new server. 

Go to this file location on the server C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Management Server\PackageTemplate and edit the sccomm.xml file as a notepad. This is the file that controls where the managed client goes to communicate to the server so this would be what is causing it. Go to the section where it shows <add key="remoteHost" value= and edit the value there to the new server address that you moved the server to. After you do that, create the install package and deploy it to the computers with that new sccomm.xml packaged in it. 


If you have already deployed it to some computers and need to fix the sccomm.xml that they have, go to the C:\ProgramData\Sccomm folder and you will see the file there. It is exactly the same as in the server folder (minus the client, policy, and group settings that the clients are given when they check in). 

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