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Annoying New Version notification


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Malwarebytes has started behaving like an adware now. Why notify me every 2 minutes that a new version is available when I have clicked "later?" I mean, later means at least a day later. Or one hour !!! This is just one minute later. Please stop this. You are just pushing your users away.

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Hello and welcome:

Why not just upgrade and be done with it?

Program updates include security and performance upgrades.  There's no point in running an old, outdated program version.

What version are you running???
If it's 1.75, that old version is no longer supported.



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Go to malwarebytes settings and disable  notify when there is an  update avaible  its going to run  the update in the background without  notify  you the best thing of this software is that its stays up to date so you get the best protection you can get.  i like the feature .

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Just now, gast33 said:

Go to malwarebytes settings and disable  notify when there is an  update avaible

Sorry, @gast33.

That is not a very good idea.
New program versions contain important security, stability and program updates.

It's not unreasonable to postpone a program update for a short while after a new program version is released.

But version has been the stable release build for a very long time.  There is no compelling reason to postpone or prevent MBAM from updating to that version.

Thank you,

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2 minutes ago, gast33 said:

Yes i mean you can disable the notify option but its still going to update its just not going to notify that there is a new version thats all 

No, unfortunately, that is not quite right.

If you are talking about database updates vs. program updates, they are controlled separately.
If program updates are disabled, then the program will NOT update automatically and it will NOT notify the user of a new program update.
If program update checks are enabled, then MBAM WILL notify the user that a new program version is available.  The actual program update requires user interaction.

>>That appears to be the behavior about which the OP inquired.
>>And, as I mentioned, there is no compelling reason at this time to prevent MBAM from updating to the current, stable release program build.
>>So, turning off the program update checks is NOT a good idea at this time, unless the user plans to perform a manual, clean upgrade.

And all of this is separate from database update checks and database updates.

Thank you again,

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