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dgVoodoo 2 False Positive


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DgVoodoo is a 3D wrapper for older games. I, along with several other people, use it to play old DirectX games on newer versions of Windows. We've never seen any evidence of it containing malware, and yet as of today, Malwarebytes picks up the DLL files for this wrapper as Trojan.Bankers. It prevents me from playing these games with Malwarebytes running, even if I add exceptions to the files.

Download for the program can be found here: http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2.html


And here is an except from the log file on the files detected.

<record severity="debug" vendor="Trojan.Banker" LoggingEventType="0" datetime="2016-05-13T18:58:18.113275-04:00" source="Protection" type="Detection" username="Jeremy" systemname="JEREMY-PC" last_modified_tag="f31b045b-01c9-4e60-9ee8-fab2aa5e2378" subtype="Malware Protection" action="Quarantine" filename="E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Midtown Madness 2\DDraw.dll" hash="6dfd5085f4a56ec88b2b913eb948a759" malwaretype="File" message=""></record>

<record severity="debug" vendor="Trojan.Banker" LoggingEventType="0" datetime="2016-05-13T18:58:18.328294-04:00" source="Protection" type="Detection" username="SYSTEM" systemname="JEREMY-PC" last_modified_tag="3e73b5ad-1c4b-4302-a26a-84363361f0be" subtype="Malware Protection" action="Quarantine" filename="E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Midtown Madness 2\D3DImm.dll" hash="1e4cddf8a5f4ce68b600a52abb4618e8" malwaretype="File" message=""></record>

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