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  1. thisisu


    Should be fixed again. Thanks for notifying us!
  2. thisisu

    ReportBeam False Positive

    No that's ok I got it now. The file should no longer be detected. Give it about 10 mins to see the results on your end. Thanks for reporting this to us. Regards A4DE98178EB37792F041947C68B5B885
  3. thisisu

    ReportBeam False Positive

  4. thisisu

    False Positive -

    It's probably going to happen every time you create a new release. It might be best if you could digitally sign the future versions. Regards
  5. thisisu

    False Positive -

    Fixed Regards BF663FF66CD22AE6CE8641B039F262F4
  6. thisisu

    Another Game Hack

    Hi, it looks malware-free to me. It should no longer be detected on our end. 79523BEBEFB345ACC7B09F68ED9947C6
  7. thisisu

    Trojan.Bitcoinminer Reappears After System Reboot

    Glad to hear that! Have a nice weekend and New Year!
  8. thisisu

    Trojan.Bitcoinminer Reappears After System Reboot

    Hi there, I reviewed your logs and added some rules to our database that should pick up the remaining traces of this infection. If you update the MBAM database and rescan you should notice some new items detected. Regards
  9. thisisu

    TOJAN.EMOTET erroneously identified?

    Thanks for attaching. I looked at another file that had a similar component to what was targeted. Emotet did not exist in 1998. The files you attached aren't malicious. It was a false positive on our end. Sorry for the inconvenience Fixed in the following DB versions: MBAM2 Version: v2018.12.22.01 MBAM3 Version: 1.0.8437 More reading if you're interested: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/trojan-emotet/ Best regards
  10. thisisu

    TOJAN.EMOTET erroneously identified?

    Verified this is a false positive. It will be fixed in an upcoming update. Can you please attach one of the files?
  11. thisisu


    Thanks for reporting. This is indeed a false positive and has since been corrected 88930B6F71793805A93F5616A07479F5
  12. thisisu

    False Positive -

    Hello and thanks for reporting this to us. It should be fixed now.
  13. Hi, Please add this to your exclusions, since we are not going to delist this detection, because malware uses this as well, pointing to a "bogus" taskmanager, that is malware instead;
  14. thisisu

    AVG VisthAux.exe trojan.injector

    Yes it was a false positive. If already quarantined, you can restore the file. Watch the following for more details on how to do this: https://support.malwarebytes.com/videos/1049
  15. thisisu

    AVG VisthAux.exe trojan.injector

    Fixed in: MBAM2 Version: v2018.11.27.02 MBAM3 Version: 1.0.8037

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