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>Thank you very much for your message! Unfortunately, we have received reports that domain srclickpro.ru is being used in the spam advertising. Here is one of the examples -

> hxxp://srclickpro.ru/click/c0lzAqfO4dNaWDz

>Thank you very much for the understanding.


Thank you for your fast reply.

Having the link we found the user in our service and blocked his account without possibility of unblocking.  Also the link was deleted.

Сonstantly we check all our users and we do everything that is possible to avoid such situations, but there wiil always be such dishonest people.

All the complaints that you recieve you can divert to abuse@smartresponder.ru  After that all the links will be deleted and the users who sent them will be blocked.

Looking forward to cooperate and to struggle against spam advertising.

Thank you!


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