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License Error


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I am getting license error also. The log has this data


02/12/16 " 12:48:36.144" 1990354995 UpdateControllerImpl 3d30 3fb8 mb::updatecontrollerimpl::CUpdateControllerImpl::DoUpdate "UpdateControllerImplHelper.cpp" 278 INFO "DoUpdate - Starting check for updates"
02/12/16 " 12:48:36.662" 1990355526 HttpConnection 3d30 3fb8 mb::common::net::HttpConnection::SendRequest "HttpConnection.cpp" 262 ERROR "HTTP POST - SSL error"
02/12/16 " 12:48:36.662" 1990355526 HttpConnection 3d30 3fb8 mb::common::net::HttpConnection::LogExceptionDetails "HttpConnection.cpp" 858 ERROR "Exception details: msg=error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed, name=SSL Exception, what=SSL Exception, cls=class Poco::Net::SSLException"
02/12/16 " 12:48:36.662" 1990355526 UpdateControllerImpl 3d30 3fb8 mb::updatecontrollerimpl::CUpdateControllerImpl::CheckForUpdates "UpdateControllerImplHelper.cpp" 621 ERROR "Sirius Response HTTP status code: -8"
02/12/16 " 12:48:36.662" 1990355526 UpdateControllerImpl 3d30 3fb8 mb::updatecontrollerimpl::CUpdateControllerImpl::DoUpdate "UpdateControllerImplHelper.cpp" 288 INFO "Checked for updates - no updates available"



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Hello and :welcome::


Until a Malwarebytes staff member has a chance to respond...


Did you see the suggestions here, just above your identical post about this in the other thread? :)


Also, if you have not already done so, please try updating to beta 5 (build, as mentioned here.


Please let us know if those suggestions resolve your issue.



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