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Malware/Spyware problems related to www.terraclicks.com

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I'm a newcomer to this forum. Following William Rowland's recommendation, I want to relate to you problems I recently encountered wit the above site. To make a long story short, around 6:00 pm on consecutive days, www.terraclicks.com has opened my Chrome browser (I was not using it at the time) and displayed, in my case, a blank page. Every 30 seconds after this, it would open a new tab, again and again. The only way I was able to prevent that was to rename the .exe extension of Chrome to something else, like .xex in my case. I researched it on the Net and read that it's not only bringing up unwanted ads, but is also a spyware, which can pick up some critical info, such credit card data, and send it "home". I've searched my registry, hidden directories, etc, but to no avail. A list of files dated from the first issue until yesterday has brought well in excess of 5000 files, too many for me to check and find out which one is suspicious... Thanks for your attention.

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Hello and :welcome: :


It sounds as if you are already working with "Gringo" at the Help Desk to clean your system??

If so, it would be a good idea to continue to work with him there until he gives you the "all clear".

That will reduce the possibility of confusion or inefficiency from trying to work on the same problem in 2 different venues simultaneously.


As for that site, we have a special forum area reserved for reporting of possibly malicious sites.

You may wish to start with the advice in this pinned topic: READ ME: Purpose of this forum

Then you may wish to report the requested information in a new post here: Newest IP or URL threat

The Research Team will evaluate the information and possibly add the IP/domain to the blocklist, if appropriate.


Thanks for reporting,

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