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I have 3 different programs currently  installed on my computer (Win-7).


are these other 2 antimalware progms OK? with Malwarebytes

"Ad-Aware Antivirus"


"Privatefirewall 7.0"

along with your



can I leave them all running at the sametime, to protect my computr.



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It should be fine.

The general approach is ONE realtime anti-virus (AV) (either free or paid), plus ONE realtime anti-malware (AM), plus ONE firewall.

MBAM PREMIUM  is designed to run alongside all of the popular AVs, to provide complementary, layered protection against the zero-hour and zero-day threats often missed by the AVs.


Having said that, if you are referring to Lavasoft Ad-Aware, I am not sure it is highly regarded these days.

There are many, many good options for free and paid AVs.

There is no one best program that suits all users, all computers and all budgets.

There are a few recommendations here: List of well known antivirus products

And there are more detailed discussions here and here.


Some users find it helpful to set mutual exclusions between MBAM PREMIUM and the AV, to minimize the chance of slowdowns, conflicts or other problems.

Let us know if you need help with that.




P.S. I have asked the mod team to remove your email address from your post -- posting such information in a public forum renders it vulnerable to harvesting by spammers. ;)

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