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The installation procedure has ended before the client registered

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We have a few clients that are unable to register with the Management Console. I've read other forums and confirmed the clock is in sync. We've tried installing remote and locally on the system with the same result.


From mee.log:


2014-07-28 11:31:10.483 INFO  ComputerInstall.Execute: IP Address [x.x.x.x] execution result:
The installation procedure has ended before the client registered


From "Remote Install Service Log" section of mee.log:


2014-07-28 11:30:30.360: The client version is:
2014-07-28 11:30:30.650: Client Register Thread Entry.
2014-07-28 11:30:30.652: ****ERROR*****: Internet is disconnected, sccomm cannot register client.


The client is on the network and able to reach the Internet. The Management Console is able to push to the client over the network. The client system's firewall is disabled. This is only happening to a select few systems within our deployment. Any help would be appreciated. We have been troubleshooting this problem for some time now.

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Hi GoalTrain,


I would like to see the MSI log that is generated when trying to install locally.


  1. Navigate to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp
  2. Sort the files here by Date modified
  3. Run the installer until you get to the error
  4. A new text file should be generated at the top of the folder
    1. It will look like "MSIxxxxx" where xxxxx is random numbers and letters.
  5. Please send me this file via PM
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