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I have a suspicion that I may be infected and just went to what has been my go-to-program for years now - the excellent mbam


After updating to the latest version I was sickened to see the new, horrible interface, not only because of its looks, but also because im constantly getting the premium version shoved down my throat


After deciding to give it a try it kept on constantly freezing and stopping responding, forcing me to kill the process in task manager


Ive read that the scans take forever (although I couldn't even get that far without it freezing) and that there are many other problems with it


The old version you opened up and used whenever you wanted - WHY change it to constantly running, it worked perfectly the way it was. Im sure all you mbam suits have got your high tech explanations for all of the new 'features' and new GUI but at the end of the day it was absolutely fine the way it was


Didn't your mothers ever tell you - IF IT ISNT BROKE - DONT FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!


I absolutely hate the new version and from what ive read - so do the vast majority of people


Well done mbam team - you've successfully F*CKED a quality, highly respected and massively used product up just so you can chuck your premium version down peoples throats and possibly get a few more subscriptions every year




If I hadn't come across another topic in this forum where a mod explained how to keep 1.75 running, mbam would be deleted form my pc and never used again


If and when the time comes where I have ni choice but to update - BYE BYE MBAM


Well done mbam team, really well done


Once again BRAVO



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>>Disclaimer: I am just a home user and forum volunteer helper.  I do not work for Malwarebytes.
Although it appears that you are here only to voice your passionate displeasure, rather than to get help with any specific issue, here are a few links to recent posts by the Forum Root Admin and by the Malwarebytes CEO:
Having said that, if you would like assistance, then I suggest either of the following, so that we can help you:

  • please read the following and post back here as attachments the 3 requested logs -- Diagnostic Logs, OR
  • please open a ticket at the help desk for free, one-on-one support via email -- Contact Consumer Support

If not, then the "Comments and Suggestion" section of the forum is >>here<<.
We would respectfully ask that you refrain from the use of profanity.
 Thank you,

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