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The objective of this sub-forum is to beta test new exploit mitigation techniques that will be incorporated in the future into the mainstream builds of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.

Please do not download and install MBAE experimental versions for production environments or environments which need stability and reliability.

The experimental builds are like the old beta. It comes with all shields enabled but has an expiration date of 6 months. Experimental builds can be installed on top of Free or Premium versions. Users of Premium can switch back and forth between Experimental and Premium builds without loosing their license key.



Testing & Reporting

  • Type of testing we are looking for with the Experimental builds:
    • Tests of all shielded applications under different versions and Operating Systems to make sure they are not crashing.
    • Tests of custom shields under different Operating Systems to make sure they are not crashing.
    • Exploit tests against Exploit Kits, Metasploit, etc. to make sure they are correctly blocked and the MBAE alert is correctly shown.
  • Type of tests we are NOT worried about in the Experimental builds:
    • Usability and UI issues, incorrect version numbers, shielded apps counter, etc.
  • Report issues with the Experimental builds only in this sub-forum.
  • For problems with Free or Premium report issues in the Product Support forum or in the News, Questions and Suggestions forum.
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