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Looking for a good IP


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I have a friend who's only connection to the internet world is the Modem. She refuses to pay more than $15.00 because all she wants is to get and send email and once in awhile check something on the web. Right now I have her pc and am in the process of finishing the task of up dating and clean it. I did the best I could to speed it up but she has the dreaded AOL. (on top of the modem :D) I need to find a provider who is good but reasonable to convince her that Her IP isn't the better/cheapest. Some suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

BTW: I'm dealing with a woman in her 80's to whom you better have concrete proof to back yourself up with or she flat out refuses to believe, and she knows when certain things have been removed or moved around. She will listen to what ever you have to say. (I have a little more pull then most of her family/friends when it comes to her gagets so to speak)

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If you look in the Yellow Pages under Internet then look for local ISPs then look them up with Google to see what information you can find out about the ISP.

I know your situation as my best friend who just passed away shortly ago had dial-up and I set it up with IE and OE and she loved it.

She even used it to watch how her investments were doing and thankfully she passed away before the market crash or that would have given her a heart attack for sure.

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Hey YoKenny1

Thanks for that info I'm looking in the yellow pages on line. I came across 2 of them online and was checking them out . Basicisp.net and Copper.net supposedly they are highly recommended by Viewers . I'm doing some complaint checks right now.

I am sorry to here of your lose but like my friend said when she is gone doesn't mean she can't see what's going on it just means it's someone else worry and that she is on permanent vacation.

What ISP did she have if you don't mind me asking?

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Hey YoKenny1

I checked it out and it would have been good for her but when I entered her zip and phone # it said it wasn't in her area. But thanks anyway .I'm still looking .

My son mentioned that I may be able to save her things to portable drive and re format the pc but the only thing with that is we would go right back were we started once we reloaded AOL again.

I'll keep looking for something else. I told her about aol bogging down her pc and she agreed to change but it has to fit her pocket and her style of usage. She wasn't overly excited about the 4 hr limit ones. (can't blame her)

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What can I say but I have never been a fan of AOL as many others call AOHelL.

Have you contacted Basicisp.net or Copper.net personally and explain the situation?

Maybe it would be long distance to them and would incur Long Distance charges?

I found Look Communications to be very helpful in getting my friend's dial-up working as dial-up is not the easiest thing in the world to set up so that is why AOL is popular because they make it easier but at the expense of a lot of baggage.

I live in an apartment with a lot of seniors with limited fixed incomes and thankfully we have 2 ISPs that provide basic rate Always On connection with the first 3 months free if the phone service is with them for DSL or cable connection and they can still use their phone while on the Internet.

There are others that advertise like crazy but I prefer to be with one as the copper phone line is owned by Bell and they are responsible for service to the building entry point and I am responsible for how it gets here to my apartment that I can handle.

I don't know what phone service your friend uses or how far she is from the local phone Central Office but if she is over 1 mile away then I know that is a problem.

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Hey YoKenny1

I agree 100% with you as far as AOL is concerned. As I tell my friends I Don't Play Well With Aol. I had some really bad times with them.

She has Embark(use to be Sprint) but they want $50.00 for reg phone and internet hook up.( Gees I wouldn't pay that.) There's no long distance no caller id no.... I think you get the pic. She stays with her daughter who has Comcast cable but when I checked them out they wanted an extra $40.00 on top of her $70.00 cable. I'm sure glade i have Brighthouse cable where I live.(Ocala National Forest in Fl)

Anyway I updated her aol hoping things would run a little smother until we found something else but it seems no better. I kinda hoped it would have been a little faster seeing how I'm running off cable but it isn't. I don't know why it still wants to run slow at start up.I've cleaned it of bugs (virus/malware)uninstalled a lot of old and unused programs, disabled some of her start up programs that she did not use or had use for. I know there are some things running that aren't being used or don't need to run but I'm not sure how to disable them and don't know exactly which ones I should if I could. I guess she will just have to deal with the slowness if I can't find the problem or pay someone $80.00 to look at it.

Hey, Thanks for your help. I'll still look for her until we find something that suites her.

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