MBAM wont run (Fix)

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Hi all,

Symptons are very obvious. Fake alert screens,fake security software activity and browser Hijacking.


Recent variants of av360 have been blocking MBAM from running and subsequently preventing the software from detecting and removing it :)

It dose this by terminating the process(mbam.exe) when it is loaded into memory inorder to run.

Inorder to get MBAM to run we will need to turn the tables on av360 and kill's its active process first!

This can be done very easily by the following walkthrough :)

Download ProcessExplorer and install.Please use only as directed*


We need to identify which is the av360 entry....very easy av360.exe is a give away and will be listed under Explorer.exe launched applications in Process Explorer main window.

Next up goto the entry av360.exe in Process Explorer and right click with your mouse on it.

Select kill process and then confirm(yes).


Finally update and run quickscan with MBAM and av360 will be no more :)

We hope our application has helped you eradicate this malicious Malware.

If your current anti-virus solution let this infection through please consider purchasing the PRO version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for additional protection against these types of malware.

Disclaimer to the more learned readers-

Taskmanager can also be used to terminate av360.exe but in some of the installs of this rogue then TM has been disabled by the infection.Hence why the use of imported Process Explorer B)

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