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  1. Got it. Thanks. You have a great product and excellent support. Joe
  2. Ok, here it is. But now that I look at it - it may actually be something wrong. It is a very small exe 14KB and there is another file in the same folder called Windows Installer Package that is 4MB (more like what I would expect). This may be something that was randomly put in this folder. Anyway it is attached. Please let me know if it is a real threat. JoeAutoCad Setup.zip
  3. I got a Malwarebytes "possible threat" message listing "heuristics.Shuriken" in my AutoCad 2002 backup Setup file that I had copied directly from the CD. Is this a known false positive. Should I delete the file or leave it alone.
  4. I just ran MB on a computer that is not used very often (only as a file server for other machines). Heuristics.shuriken was detected in the registry as well as in a file. The file is a copy of the AutoCad Setup which was copied to the drive directly from CD as a backup. I suspect this might be a false positive, but because of the registry hit, I am not sure. Would AutoCad Lite 2002 Setup.exe trigger a false positive?
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