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  1. Maurice, I have replied twice today: first one has screen capture of license code entered and popup "blacklisted" message. second has copy of Newegg.com order history for __10__ copies of malwarebytes over the years. So with those two pieces of information (both are attached PDFs) same ticket number 2660821 , that you should be able to clear the blacklist flag for the key in question for my dell laptop. Also AdvancedSetup has intervened here as well, FYI. Time is not hyper-critical as I have the two week trial running at present, so anytime next few days is OK. Thank you.
  2. I too have a suddenly "blacklisted" key that's been used for 2 years. It's from a CD w/key I bought from Newegg.com some years ago. It's never been used on but one machine at a time; I deactivate it on the outgoing machine and use it to activate on the incoming machine --- and have done so with no issues whatsoever until now. I don't have the original CD and key label; I don't have a "manage license" account as it's never been needed in the 10+ years I've been using the product on dozens of PCs. Is this key lost forever?? I've contacted support, opened a ticket, waited 3 days for a response,
  3. I bought several Malwarebytes CDs with lifetime license keys many years ago from Newegg.com. After use of one on a PC for 2 years, suddenly it appears as "blacklisted." NOWHERE on this company's site do they address the blacklisted issue; only "too many PCs" ... I've never used it on but one PC at a time, never registered them with Malwarebytes, always deactivated on old PC and reactivated on new PC without issue. Until now. I've opened a support ticket, waited 3 days for an automated response that said "send proof of purchase" that I don't have, and replied to the email with a screenshot of t
  4. UPDATE.................. I did C: restore from bu server and all is good; found a rogue SKYPE.EXE file in my Doc Settings App Data section (suspected it yesterday as I do not use Skype); malwarebytes id'd it as bad saying heuristics.Shuriken for both the program file and the registry entry... only option was to remove, so rather than risk another episode I did that. I guess that is the file the software found yesterday but did not identify it by name (Skype.exe)... if it comes back, I'll send it along for analysis. The doc/settings file date for the skype entry was 6/17 ... not sure if I've ha
  5. Sorry. I already deleted it from quarantine before I found out it was friendly. Am trying restore point, drive restore, etc. to see if I can get my PC (esp. FireFox) back to normal... Thanks
  6. Yesterday after updating to the latest database including Shuriken heuristics, on reboot I got a Malwarebytes "possible threat" message listing "heuristics.Shuriken" and i quarantined it. Now I read its one of "ours" but since then all hell has broken out on my PC. Firefox hung on a snapfile.com download of PC Tools Antivirus and it will not restart. Neither will Opera. The only browser currently in service is IE7. It could be coincidental but wanted to report it.
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