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  1. Howdy, As per many of the other threads about the update popup which I have been reading- some reaching back to early 2015 I still have an issue with this thing (So I feel the need to bump/new topic). After closing it- it will instantly re-popup about 6 or 7 times (I'm on the latest version). I am patient and as it never drawn focus from another app or caused issues (besides reducing my confidence in Mbam) however as of late the the super long lasting issue with the popup has been causing some foreground windowed games to crash the moment it pops up. Running Win7. Thank you for your time, and hope you eventually fix it. -Eppiox
  2. Nothing fairly clean install of XP, It's an interesting form of protection, it sometimes blocks my re-connections to some servers on IRC but not 100% of the time, also got a hit from speedtest.net More from Steam and star craft2 updater. All were "out-going"
  3. Hello Forum! Been using MBam for a quite a while and just purchased it- Browsing with the web protection I get a lot of "out going" blocked. The tab appears with just an IP address and the "out going" status, I was wondering if it's possible to log any extra info, (I can't find any extra info about why the block occurred) I have a suspicion MBam is angry at one of the web pages I visit because calls my flash LSO(Local stored object), that's the only thing I could find on the page. Would be good to know what is being blocked, that is, if it's even possible to trace such things . Thanks-Eppiox
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