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  1. Okay, thanks. Hopefully this will stop the BSOD issues that I mentioned earlier from the apparent conflict with the Avast Premium. I appreciate your time on this matter.
  2. I am not getting that screen. Attached it what I see. When I click on that screen "Virus & Threat Protection" I get the second screen as shared below.
  3. I toggled that to the left as shown in the screen shot and highlighted. Please note the warning I received as well that is highlighted in the upper right corner. Is this normal and do I have virus protection?
  4. I am in Houston, so yes, it is late! I am showing that as reflected in my screenshot.
  5. Attached is the two screen shots. The first is at the top of the app, and the second is scrolling down. I am not seeing what you have shared.
  6. Okay, I have suspended Avast and simply am running Windows Defender and Malewarebytes. Will update if any other issues arise. It is amazing when I put into search "Avast conflict" & then "Avast" nothing came up in the search on the forums.
  7. I have had Real Time turned off. So, I looked at your link. I have a paid subscription to Avast Premium. I also have a paid subscription for Malwarebytes Premium. The link you sent me to pretty much tells me and others that one can not run an antivirus and malwarebytes at the same time. Both cover different aspects of the web protection and such. So, one has to make a choice? Run a program for virus or run a program for Malware......one or the other. This is sad and it is sad there are conflicts that can not be ironed out.
  8. I am having some issues that has been ongoing. I have a Dell all in one purchased late last year with Dell Premium Support. I operate a Lifetime Subscription to Windows 10 Home. I have Avast Premium and Malwarebytes Premium installed. I keep getting a BSOD. The WhatsCrashed is pointing at one point to Avast. I have read online that there can be conflicts when running both Avast and Malwarebytes in conjuntion. I always have, with no issues. However, Dell is focusing on an issue being generated with Avast. I can find nothing online about how Avast is the issue. I have two Acer, Windows
  9. Well I contacted support this morning and no reply as of yet. That was quite a few hours ago. Of course that does not surprise me, lol. I applied twice now for the affiliate program to sell their item, but have never heard back as well. I guess I will have to do an uninstall of Malwarebytes. Thanks for the suggestion, however.
  10. I hesitate to drop AVG as it has worked well over the years for me. This has just happened with the recent Malwarebytes version upgrade. I appreciate your comment and recommendation however and may well have to consider it. Thanks.
  11. I have my licensed version of Malwarebytes set to start scanning at 4:30pm. The last two days upon the start of the scheduled scan I am getting a trojan alert from AVG. I will include a screen shot in this post of the last two days AVG results. I have Malwarebytes version:, Database Version: v2012.02.05.03. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. The AVG is the free version. Are there any solutions to this problem? AVG rates this threat high and demands a full system restart for full removal.
  12. Thanks for the reassurance from both of the two above posts. I can say this, that after my wife's computer had to be replaced, and my hard drive on my laptop, due to malware, that Malwarebytes' rocks. I was running McAfee, as she was and it allowed "critters" to get through. McAfee is paid for by AT&T/Yahoo, our internet provider, however, because of its faults we run AVG free with better results. It was McAfee, troubleshooting my system "live" through remote access, that I became aware of Malwarebytes'. McAfee installed it on my machine, the free version, to find what they could not
  13. That would be my concern, that like the update from 1.46 to 1.50, is that is sort of becomes mandatory with only one year left of support for the 1.46. I agree, that the basic lifetime license should be honored, and supported, however, the "option" should be there to opt in for the new advantages with additional fees. I am comfortable with the great job the software does now, as I run a separate anti-virus and firewall which cost me no additional fees. I did not feel that your comments were a personal affront to me nor negative, just stating my circumstances.
  14. I waited to comment and held my comment, Shy, simply because I don't agree with your sentiment. As a person who was injured on the job almost two years ago and has not worked since, any dollars added to my meager budget, with no income, could not be absorbed. Under normal circumstances, I would agree. So thinking along those lines, should they increase the ability of the program, I agree, they should "grandfather in" those of use who already have licenses, however, leave the option open for donations to support ongoing development and support.
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