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  1. Help please - I have been running MB Pro for several years on my PC -and believed all this time it is a virus checker and remover - I thought it was there to keep viruses AND malware at bay by active scanning - BUT I think I have been wrong and I need some advice - on the general help in the forums it says to download MS Security Essentials a free virus scanner - so should I all this time have been running MBM and MS SE - I thought MB Pro covered the whole lot have I been wrong ? It looks like I may now have a virus - not malware (not sure of the difference) - MB finds no issues but if it doesn't look for viruses but only malware then no wonder it cannot detect them . I know you all must think I am stupid as the name gives it away but I really assumed MB Pro did it all - can anyone help clear this up and recommend a good virus remover/active checker - any help or comments (no too rude on the stupid front) welcome !! Chippy
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