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  1. Many thanks for all the replies and info. I'll definitely put MWB on the phone when the trial expires. All I was thinking re 2 is that the audit as it is, is useful for overall information. But if it could have an advanced setting to only show the apps that can and do have permissions, it may help people tighten down on the security a little quicker, or at least concentrate on looking at the most important apps first (the Apps with the permissions granted) rather than to-ing and fro-ing between long lists of Apps. Just a final suggestion, how about adding a search function to some of the longer lists like the lists in 'your apps' esp the System Apps list, as one example. Just in case you needed to look for something. But again, thanks for your helpful and quick replies.
  2. Sorry there was one more as well. 4 I've read of reports that some Chinese and even Samsung phones in the past have had Malware installed somehow from new. Is this really true? But more importantly if it is, would MWB detect and remove this IF there was any malware or spyware on the phone installed from new? Thanks again.
  3. I've just started a Premium trial of MWB on a new Android (Oppo) phone and have a few questions please to clarify some things for me. Its a new phone that I'm just playing around with at the moment getting used to it and Android, so I'm putting apps on it but no file data ( my photos, Music etc ). All scans pass OK, which clearly should be the case on a new phone. 1 When I run a scan it says something like 'scanned: 264 apps and 159 files'. But the 159 files seems to be increasing. Is it possible to see what is being scanned in a report somewhere, ie exactly what apps and what files are scanned? If I look in the phones File Manager it shows no files, yet MWB is scanning 159. 2 If I look in Privacy Audit it lists "X apps can do this or that". So for example 'Can install apps from an unknown source' it shows 14 apps, but when you press 'Configure in settings' it actually has 16 listed ( Phone Manager and Theme Store are the extra two ) and they are all set to off anyway and the phone itself reports none are turned on. Similarly, when you go to 'Can make calls' MWB says 25 apps can, but when you look in System>App Permissions, it says only 3 apps can make a call and they are all set to ask not allow. So I assume 'Can' means what it says i.e. its possible for the app to make a call. But wouldn't it be a better privacy report if it dug a little further and actually reported the apps that have the ability and the permission to make a call? And secondly, isn't there a discrepancy in the numbers being reported and the permissions the phone actually lets you set? Or have I misread it? And as a follow on to 2, obviously 22 Apps that MWB says can make a call are not listed in the phones call permission settings to do anything about even if I wanted to. Is that something to worry about? For example 'EngineerMode' or 'Shell' can make calls according to MWB, but they are not listed by the phone in the 'make a call' section to alter their permissions. 3 And finally, Is MWB for Android a stand alone AV package for the phone, or can/should it be used with other scanners like Avira or Kaspersky? Should it be on its own or can it run with other AV Apps for (hopefully) better protection. I know on a PC you should not have two full AV products, but I'm new to Android and not sure. Thanks
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