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  1. Many thanks for all the replies and info. I'll definitely put MWB on the phone when the trial expires. All I was thinking re 2 is that the audit as it is, is useful for overall information. But if it could have an advanced setting to only show the apps that can and do have permissions, it may help people tighten down on the security a little quicker, or at least concentrate on looking at the most important apps first (the Apps with the permissions granted) rather than to-ing and fro-ing between long lists of Apps. Just a final suggestion, how about adding a search function to some of
  2. Sorry there was one more as well. 4 I've read of reports that some Chinese and even Samsung phones in the past have had Malware installed somehow from new. Is this really true? But more importantly if it is, would MWB detect and remove this IF there was any malware or spyware on the phone installed from new? Thanks again.
  3. I've just started a Premium trial of MWB on a new Android (Oppo) phone and have a few questions please to clarify some things for me. Its a new phone that I'm just playing around with at the moment getting used to it and Android, so I'm putting apps on it but no file data ( my photos, Music etc ). All scans pass OK, which clearly should be the case on a new phone. 1 When I run a scan it says something like 'scanned: 264 apps and 159 files'. But the 159 files seems to be increasing. Is it possible to see what is being scanned in a report somewhere, ie exactly what apps and what file
  4. I don't know if this is a FP or not, but, World Of Warships did an auto update today and Malwarebytes reported it twice. After the update a full AV program scan and a MWB scan of the reported folder finds nothing, and an MWB threat scan of the PC found nothing. This is one of the reports: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 4/26/18 Protection Event Time: 9:42 AM Log File: d1008eda-492d-11e8-8532-d05099846381.json Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.262 Update Package
  5. Firefox, thanks for that info. It just seems that, to me, it seems to take longer to complete an admin scan than it does to complete a user scan. Quite a bit longer. Maybe not. I'll time it next time :-) But thanks for the info, I can run a scan as 'user' and at least detect any problems.
  6. Buttons, Sorry, I don't think I follow. I can open the GUI as a user or as admin. I can only update as admin I can manually run scans as user or admin. I'm not worried about scheduled scans. That I can understand. But what I'm trying to establish is, if I want to fully SCAN the entire PC including system areas and other user accounts, say c:\windows\system32 etc to which a user account would not normally have access, do I need to 'run as admin' and full scan, or can I run as my normal user and full scan?. i.e. will a scan initiated as a normal user still scan the system areas of the PC or inde
  7. Just a quick query really. I run the free Malwarebytes as a back up on a W7 64bit system. Just used to scan (usually quick scan) the PC now and again as extra backup security and checks. But a thought just occurred to me which I'm hoping someone can quickly answer. I know I need to right-click and 'run as admin' to update MalwareBytes, but if I want to run a full scan of the complete system, do I also need to run as admin? i.e. if I use my normal user account and run a full scan, does it run a full scan of all files throughout the PC (including the system/admin areas) or does it just run a ful
  8. @ yardbird No idea, its (vista) not mine. See "Yes, both my W7s which had the same apparent problem as the original poster ( ramaflore ) had appear now to be OK. Sorry if I hi-jacked, didn't intend to, was just informing that I originally had the same problem following the update." above.
  9. Yes, both my W7s which had the same apparent problem as the original poster ( ramaflore ) had appear now to be OK. Sorry if I hi-jacked, didn't intend to, was just informing that I originally had the same problem following the update.
  10. EDIT - The same happened on my W7 Starter netbook, only in this case it appears to have been fixed by running the new Malwarebytes as Admin and unticking the 'show a right-click context menu' option (it was ticked but was not actually showing in the menu), then exiting Malwarebytes. Then running Malwarebytes as Admin again, and once more ticking the box and exiting. i.e. untick the box then tick the box, running as admin and exiting both times. The Context menu then appears (so far anyway) to have returned.
  11. Just for information, I had the same thing occur with the 'auto' update to 1.50. The update to 1.50 appeared to go OK but the right-click context menu went missing. I followed your instruction and removed the App, downloaded and re-installed etc, and it came back OK. Thanks for the procedure. Running Win 7 HP (64 bit) and MSE(AV). Note: I did not need to disable the AV though, I tried with the AV still running and it worked OK.
  12. Updated to 4177 and fixed for me as well. Thanks for your quick response.
  13. After updating Malwarebytes today, I'm seeing the same thing. Same file, same key - Rogue.FakeMSE Is this a FP? System Windows 7 Starter MSE (AV) Malwarebytes 1.46
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