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  1. Noted. That's what I've been doing. Thanks for the quick reply!
  2. I use ninite for a lot of installs but my shop uses a different paid anti-malware product. However I like to have Malwarebytes free for customers to scan ad-hoc. Is there a command line switch to install Malwarebytes without the trial being automatically activated? Thanks
  3. Let me know if I need to start a new thread for this. I've got one other system exhibiting the same behavior but with a file "f3pssavr.scr". I can't find the file itself anywhere on the system or in the registry. Could this be another bug?
  4. Thanks Firefox! I searched the forums but for some reason missed your post. Thanks again for the quick reply.
  5. I've got one system that Malwarebytes real-time scanner continues to "see" something trying to invoke Gamevance. I've used the gamevance removal tool. I've tried manual removal. The files are not there and I've deleted from the registry all references to Gamevance and it's related files. A full scan with Malwarebytes doesn't find anything. Combofix scans are clean. Any ideas other than a reinstall? Thanks!
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