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  1. I hope this is correct, my desktop is a cluster eff of curds and whey. mbst-grab-results.zip mb-support-log.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt mbst-check-results.txt
  2. Error: 1053 ' Didn't respond in a timely fashion' Honestly my services are being controlled remotely with PW and some of them I can't stop or start. It is extremely frustrating.
  3. I can see him staring pensively off into the sunset, a single glistening tear on his cheek... " Ohhh Dolores"... positively Shakespearean. **nod**
  4. The voices in my head don't count as main stream or do they???
  5. it's a DELORES rose... see I know stuff. a lot of stuff. roses have icky bugs. see, more of aforementioned stuff. Ta DA
  6. C:\WINDOWS\system32> ECHO Y|CHKDSK C: /F The type of the file system is NTFS. Cannot lock current drive. Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N) This volume will be checked the next time the system restarts. This is what it says. How do I respond Yes. I put a Y and it said wrong command...
  7. How do I get it from the C:\WINDOWS\System32> to the regular C: drive. You know how it always opens to the system32? Or does it matter.
  8. And then it urges me to empty it... I am wary of anything that pops up like that. And it's happened about three times. Same notice.
  9. k SOOO AdvancedSetup everything seems to have started alright, at least there are things to interact with. I am doing the SFC /SCANNOW at the moment so then you will know where we stand, right?
  10. Yup me too that's totally what I thought you meant. I crack myself up. Hopefully I will be back on. TTFN
  11. What exactly is a power recycle? I was about to log off and then back on. I have been afraid to do anything until I felt like I had something of a clue.
  12. Good Morning. Well I finished everything up until the point where I was meant to do another SFC scan. Everything except this browser is not showing up at all on my computer. I can't get anything with the keyboard and I didn't know how to do anything with the command prompt and closed it probably too soon. It said that it was good and then probably a while after that there was an Error:0x800f081f 'Source files could not be found' Then it said to use the source option to specify the location of the files that are required to restore the feature. (by feature I am guessing it's the thing that caused everything to disappear from my screen. I mean everything.) Then it said to go to a microsoft link for specifying a source location. One with a LinkId? I just wanted to clue you in before I logged out in case it is impossible to get back in. I mean impossible for me. Oh, it did say something about where I could find the DISM log file as well but at that point I couldn't open anything. :| Wish me luck. ^ ^
  13. And it's running now, no I don't have ADHD but weed is legal in NV and I made the mistake of taking my son to the dispensary and I ate a piece of a gummy something ... not going to make me any brighter, let me just say. I know that is off topic, completely. Shhh. :)
  14. AdvancedSetup × really quickly... let me show you a thing before it is mysteriously gone. These two right now for example both have expired SSL's and the second one has the time stamps out of chronological order.
  15. Please don't think I am mentally challenged but I apparently am doing this all in the wrong order. I did the CheckHealth one first, now it's doing ScanHeatlh and it's taking a bit of time.
  16. Gods, I am seeing the .png I posted here and it truly is rubbish, I apologize. Anyway, am I meant to do the SFC as well as the DSIM? Or is that a dumb question because the second is only necessary if the first doesn't work... >.> Feeling blonde ugh.
  17. Oh my Lord... the concerns with this PC are endless. I believe I have been hacked, am being actively... by someone who is very good at it. He is a software developer and I was married to him for 15 years but we have been separated for three and he refuses to talk to me at all, in any capacity whatsoever. The reason I think it is him is it all began right after my mother died from cancer, and he really cared about what she thought of him. Also, I found log files in places that he knows I would never delete things. For example he rewrote battlenet's entire ... gah, I don't actually know what the correct term is for it, and was cocky enough or thought I was too dumb - who knows - to find it. There are these 4 new drives, not local, on the computer. It is very annoying. Also illegal I imagine. I don't care about that, but I do care about the unkind nature of it. Basically, it hurts my feelings more than anything else. That and I don't have the authority to do anything anymore on my own computer and that gets pretty bothersome. You likely could do without the drama so I had hoped to be able to get some things sorted without telling this part of it but without it it is just too disconnected, at least that is how it sounds to me? Gah. There are so many things happening all the time with this thing and I am always trying to stay calm so rather than writing them down like I should I just go onto the next whatever. I will write them down from now on. Otherwise it is too difficult for anyone else to help, I understand. : )
  18. lol thank you for the explanation. Seems like it should be pretty straightforward, and it likely is but for some reason zip files have always been a "thing" for me. Whatever. ^ ^
  19. okay I am stuck. I can't see where or how I can zip the html file to send to you. Do I do a search for it orrr... I feel monumentally dumb.
  20. wait the farbar was quite fast, I can get those to you now, hopefully. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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