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  1. Not sure why ExpressVPN would be a problem. I don't have it enabled all of the time, and this issue started long before I used a VPN. However, something else you said about Windows Defender issues led me to trying something which appears to have solved the problem. Although Malware bytes takes the place of the virus functions of defender, defender firewall stays active. So I added some inbound/outbound rules to allow Malware bytes through the firewall. Not sure why this would be needed, but I can report that Malware bytes seems to be self updating now for the past several days. Thanks! -Brian
  2. Hello, The file is attached. I found that tool before you posted, so I did things a bit in reverse, see below... 1) Used the tool to clean, and re-install. 2) Made sure all the auto update settings were on. 3) Dumped the log file 4) ensured the auto update was set to 1 hour 5) Waited for at least an hour. Then tried to update. It worked manually. Indicating that the program is still not updating/checking by itself. It has been doing this since I purchased it over a year ago. Both for definitions, and for version updates. I just got into the habit of manually updating once per day. I just decided todo something about it. Thanks for any help -Brian mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. All the program settings are set to auto update. Nevertheless, I have to manually update the program every day. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks, -Brian
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