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  1. Right now, I am using a combination of ublock origins and privacy badger as protection and they are working perfectly fine. I also have malwarebytes free version installed on my pc where i generally do atleast one scan daily. I just found out about this malwarebytes extension and it seems to include functionalities of both of these. Is it sufficient alone? Will it add any extra protection if I install it over my existing extensions? Will it counteract any of them? plz help
  2. I use this one as adblocker coz I wasnt sure which one is better https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock-plus-free-ad-bloc/cfhdojbkjhnklbpkdaibdccddilifddb As for the malwarebytes extension, again didnt know that Thanks for informing me about that You helped a lot Thanks
  3. It worked!!! Thanks a lot. I didnt know about the exporting functionality so I was a bit worried.
  4. I saw this post when I was searching for the solution but again the problem remains. If I do the reset sync thing suggested there, Ill lose all my passwords and bookmarks saved. I need those stuff as I have a lot of passwords that were auto generated by chrome and that I just saved in there.
  5. I have scanned my PC multiple times and each time malwarebytes detects PUPs among the chrome files, I quarantine them, chrome stops working and I need to restart chrome again to be able to access internet again. I searched up some answers and most of them say that I need to reset sync so because google sync is restoring those quarantined files. But the problem is that I have a lot of bookmarks and passwords saved too and I dont want to lose them. Is there any way I can stop google from restoring those files while still being able to keep the passwords and bookmarks?
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