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  1. Clarification: the iSCSI drive stopped responding at the same time but didn't disconnect.
  2. Just happened again on my desktop, was watching YouTube while moving files around on my system as I just added a new drive. Started as a video stutter, then network connectivity dropped in Chrome. I was also in the middle of reconfiguring my Win10 file history backup to my NAS which is linked to the system as an iSCSI drive. Windows started becoming unresponsive. I couldn't launch the MWB GUI and killed it in Task Manager. I run Task Manager 24/7 as well as a few other system utilities, so thankfully it was open already because it probably wouldn't have launched. It remained responsive though and allowed me to kill the MWB GUI. That didn't "release" the system though. I also had to stop the Malwarebytes service from Task Manager, and the system came right back a few seconds later. desktop_mbst-grab-results_202006172158.zip
  3. My desktop runs nearly 24/7, but the displays are set to turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity. I usually wake up in the morning to find it the unresponsive state and have been rebooting to restore normal operation. I have a RAID0 with SSD cache, which breaks when I hard-power cycle the system, so I'm usually forced to wait the ~10 minutes for the reboot to begin after it's initiated every morning before work. It will typically run fine all day after that with only an occasional incident where it stops responding again. After reading some other threads though, I'll try disabling/closing MWB to see if the problem clears up without a reboot next time it happens. As stated above, this system does not sleep/hibernate so there is no delays being caused in the start-up routine. I will attempt changing the run time on my laptop though and see what happens there. Per your advice, I have now disabled registration with WSC.
  4. I'm happy to help in anyway possible as I love my MWB and have been using it for some time. I've included two Zips, one from the desktop (which I apparently already put the beta on last night) and one from the laptop. Both systems were operating normally when these logs were generated. If I can get the systems to cooperate, I'll generate new logs when it happens again. I'll also do some testing to see if I can reproduce the problem on demand instead of waiting for it to happen randomly. laptop_mbst-grab-results.zip desktop_mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I've been having big problems with my Malwarebytes Premium and Windows 10 2004. Chalk me up with the others that have been reporting this problem. Computer runs fine for a while, then network connectivity drops out in web browsers (Firefox and Chrome), the browsers lock up, and various Windows components and other applications stop responding as well. I've been dealing with this for a while on my desktop system, which is a custom build. In desperation, I wiped my whole system and reinstalled Windows 10 2004 fresh last night and reinstalled all my applications, including the latest (non-beta) MWB Premium. Within hours, the problem returned. It's a custom gaming rig that I have overclocked, and before wiping Windows last night and reinstalling, I've been tweaking my system BIOS settings and clocks thinking it had to do with overclocking instability, but I was running stock clocks last night when the problem returned immediately after clean reinstallation. I was ready to chalk it up to a problem with Windows and my custom build, until my laptop did the SAME EXACT THING today, a day after updating it to Win 10 2004. Browsers lock up, network connectivity slows to a crawl, apps become unresponsive, and restarting Windows (without hard power cycle) takes 5-10 minutes! My desktop is a Skylake i7-6700k in an Asus Maximus VIII Hero, using both Intel's iGPU and an Nvidia 2080T1. My laptop is a Lenovo T470s. Both systems are current on drivers and Windows updates. Really hope there's a solution for this soon!
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