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  1. Hi everyone, After installing MLWB Pirivacy VPN my mobile hotspot on Windows 10 does not work when VPN is turned on. Does anybody else see the same problem? Thank you.
  2. I've been having big problems with my Malwarebytes Premium and Windows 10 2004. Chalk me up with the others that have been reporting this problem. Computer runs fine for a while, then network connectivity drops out in web browsers (Firefox and Chrome), the browsers lock up, and various Windows components and other applications stop responding as well. I've been dealing with this for a while on my desktop system, which is a custom build. In desperation, I wiped my whole system and reinstalled Windows 10 2004 fresh last night and reinstalled all my applications, including the latest
  3. I browse to a site and I see the following added to the Frame html source </html<script id='inj_inj_cc' name= Notice the tag </html> is not closed properly. Attached txt file showing the entire frame source. I found references to this inj_inj_cc here1 and here2 and at a dutch form here3 . Any advice? hacked.txt
  4. Tried to start a scan just now, but it immediately froze permanently and it won't let me close it at all, it makes me force restart my laptop. I use Intel Graphic, and a HP Windows 10 laptop.
  5. Had Malwarebytes free installed on my 2 laptops at home - linked to home wifi network Discovered malwarebytes program had gone from both machines. Machines running a bit slow. Then downloaded and installed latest V of Malwarebytes, ran scan, no problems detected. Ran Bitdefender quick scan, no problems reported. Anyone like to help me understand how the program vanished from 2 machines?
  6. my plan is to do a cleanses out all of my USB flash sticks and to emptied them by moving all file to a safe place and then to formatting all of them .and I almost thinking to make an multi-boot windows into one of USB drive but how to make a multi-boot windows into USB drive ? is there any free tool or utility for it ? and I would like to know exactly how many GB needed to makes one windows 7 -32-bit and one windows 7-64-bit and one windows xp-32-bit and one windows 10-64-bit ! and also I want to make a back-up for the system into a 4 GB flash drive which is for recovery if it needed ! I
  7. Since I paid the license of Malwarebytes, my PC became heavy. While free/trial, it was not, not at all. There is too much hard disk activity durig Windows boot up and still a while later. It slurp my battery. My notebook is a HP Pavilion x360, Intel Core-M 2.0GHz, 4 GB ram, 1 TB HD. Before the license, Windows loading process was not that fast but now is that slow. Sometimes, Malwarebytes stays doing scans without I ask. I'd like an option to override obligatory scans.
  8. Hello, Please can someone help me. I ran Roguekiller on my laptop and it has found a PUM.Dns. After searching the Internet I am concerned by the comments I read whether its a virus or dangerous. Please could someone advice me whether its safe or the removal process. Also if it is safe to use my pc. Thank you for and help or advice in advance.
  9. I have a dell inspiron desktop, and I think I messed up the operating system a bit using malware removers. I ran ADWcleaner, it restarted my computer, and now I cannot log in. At the log in screen I enter my password, and no matter if I press enter or click login, nothing happens. (Sometimes if I press space/click with the mouse, it restarts.) I'm a bit worried about what I messed up. Especially that I cannot get to safe mode (since the computer loads so fast). The computer is about a week old, and I have not yet prepared an USB stick for recovery, and Dell did not send any
  10. Windows 10 update leaves a problem report file for Malwarebyte developers, before the user log in screen there is a pop up that tells me there is a problem with Malwarebytes and the following file should be sent to the developers. Last update Malwarebytes disappeared from my start menu and running mb3-set up file caused it to reappear and its working again (it wasnt starting). Everything seems to be running at the moment just the windows issue report. Anyway an update happened today and the message reappeared and a new dmp file was created - its attached dated 11th April (as is the prev
  11. Dear Malwarebytes, I have a windows 10 machine with the latest updates on it (latest was KB4088776 secruity update for windows). I need to use a piece of software for work which uses openGL and chrome for embedded. If malwarebytes is Quit, the program runs fine. if malwarebytes is running the whole system freezes up, including the task manager. I really enjoy having the real time protection feature of malwarebytes which gives me a lot of peace of mind. Please help me out here. I've downgraded to Malwarebytes 3.1.x to try work around. the issue only happened af
  12. I installed Malwarebytes Premium Trial 3.3.1., did a run, found some old remnants of some malware deleted years ago and a bad file in my recycle bin. I quarantined all, but one file. Immediately my Recycle bin was corrupted. In the meanwhile between doing the scan and quarantine, I emptied my recycle bin as I wanted to delete the file. The would_be_problem file is no longer in my quarantine list. Now windows wants me to delete my recycle bin/folder as it is corrupted. I want my recycle bin back. help please.
  13. For three days in a row I have experienced a BSOD on my new Win10 laptop with a Stop code of PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA caused by mwac.sys Attached is my MB check file. Please tell me what to do? mb-check-results.zip
  14. I found this scanning through files for some other stuff and didn't know what it was. An Internet search said it was malware or Trojan I had downloaded at some point so I wanted to get rid of it. Ran MB but the scan never picked up anything. Can somebody explain the lack of detection as it is reported to be fairly common piece of junk and totally unwanted. Thanks
  15. Hi! I recently updated windows 10 again which contained quite much. The problem i'm having now is that i get the warning pop-up: The problem is, that i have KAV as AV but using MBAM as my scanning software which i use once per month (nothing is activated on MBAM until i do the scan) So is it problem to remove this pop-up that keep warning me? Looks like this: Thanks in advance!
  16. I am running Win10 on a Dell Inspiron 13 with 7th Gen Core I7 64 bit. I have had failures to download or install a recent update. I finally thought to turn off all the Malwarebytes protections and the update installed correctly. I then turned everything back on.
  17. Desktop failed with black screen. Message: Page fault in non-paged area. mwac.sys is what failed Restart did not work. After power down, WIN10 started acceptably. I have auto updates. Am I missing something?
  18. I had a problem with malware constantly so I updated to malwarebytes premium hoping it would catch the problems. I started getting popup windows telling me it blocked outbound to certain websites. I couldn't figure out how to remove the actual malware so I left it to mbam with no more incoming and only the blocked outbound. Now I am getting inbound pups, Adware.DNS with popup windows from powershell. The outbound is coming from my SysWow64/regsrv32. Mbam locates the powershell junk that it finds in my registry but they keep coming back every day, 2-3 times a day. I cannot reformat and start ov
  19. Hello! I really need some help. I have a Windows 10 Pro x64 computer that says my Ethernet works fine and is connected to the internet but my browsers cannot connect to the internet. I tried a bunch of stuff, nothing works. Malwarebytes detected no problem. I also use AVG Internet Security and it found nothing. Please help me
  20. First: I LOVE MY MALWAREBYTES !! Have for a long long time. BUT.... Now on Win10 it prevents the casual games from fully loading. It "appears" it is blocking the internet but Im not sure. I can turn MW3 off (sob sob), play the game, then turn back on. Suggestions?
  21. I use malwarebytes 3.0 free version. Since the last few days the scan lasts for only 3-5 seconds & finishes displaying clean results. Ive checked & re-checked to ensure that all the drives are selected. I even tried running it in safe mode & still the scan finished in 5 seconds. The scan runs only till pre scan operations. It doesnt proceed further at all. What should I do? would be grateful if someone could help me out please..
  22. after running pro with license I get bad pool header blue screen after malwarebytes starts. lenovo g510 windows 64 bit. 3.06
  23. Here are last nights logs. Where should I go from here, I've tried reading up here and I'm still showing infection vectors alive and well... Kovtor.txt Rkill.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  24. Edge currently doesn't work and I think I have some weird permissions issues going on. I appreciate any and all help in advance. Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 20-11-2016 01 Ran by raker (administrator) on BASEMENTPC (21-11-2016 05:09:20) Running from D:\! USB Tech Staging Area\Malware Fixing and Diag Loaded Profiles: raker (Available Profiles: raker & DruugeMusic & DruugeTunes) Platform: Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 (X64) Language: English (United States) Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Chrome) Boot Mode: Normal T
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