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  1. Thank Exile, I got the logs and uploaded to my ticket. I will check those articles.
  2. Thank Porthos, I tried to run repair on the MB support tool, but It then installed a trial MB window version (I saw the malwarebytes folder in program file). I uninstalled it from control panel. Then Run mbstcmd.exe to cleanup again. Then installed agent again. Still got same issue. but I could run gather logs from support tool and I uploaded it from the tool also. Didn't know how to send it through email. Hopefully they can fix it soon.
  3. Thank you, Porthos. I did submit the ticket.
  4. Hi Exile, Thanks for your reply, I got this wen getting log. " we were unable to create the mbst-grap-result.zip, please notify malwarebytes support"
  5. Hi, I got a problem when installing the malwarebytes endpoint agent in one of our window 7 computer. We still have 3 or 4 window 7 service pack 1 build 7610. while others computer were installed successfully but 1 computer had a problem. The installation process showed "successfully" but when I went to C:\Program files\, I did not see the folder Malwarebytes. There is just 1 folder malwarebytes endpoint agent there. I also did not see the MBAMservice. I tried to used mbstcmd tool to remove previous version of malwarebytes, used adwcleaner to scan the computer and installed again, but sti
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