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  1. what about my email? Is it safe to use it? I have changed the password but still "pwned" when I check!
  2. After receiving that email I have changed all my passwords (email, PC, Facebook), I made a full scan on my PC with Symantec, it did not get any virus. Does this mean everything is ok and sure he did not get any files from my PC?
  3. Could they have got this password from my facebook account (unfortunately the same password of PC and facebook)?
  4. I have got a similar one and really worried although I changed all my passwords, but I noticed that the password they sent to me was my PC not the password of my email which I found it Pwned! Could they really have got my files or recorded anything through webcam?
  5. I knew that my email is Pwned, however the password he sent to me was not my email password, it is my PC password! I have changed my email password and disconnected the PC from internet, but still afraid he has got my files or recorded something through webcam as he said!
  6. I have got this email: " Hey, I know your password is: ******** " I removed the text to accept the post What should I do?
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