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  1. Hi, thx for the link I will try that friday, expect a anwser before Sunday. Lyx.
  2. Hi nasquad, I did the fix, sadly it's still show that i'm have the same dns... And I have question, a probably dumb one but, is it possible that my router itself is corupted ? And that I have to get a new one ? Lyx. Fixlog.txt
  3. Oh nasquad, I saw you solve a similar issue few months ago, I was really hoping you would help me, thanks for the help. I not sure that copy/past FRST.txt is a good idea, there is more than 1000 line, so I attached it. And some update, I tried to disconect all my computer from my router, and reset the router to factory setting with the button, and try to conect my phone to it, (who was not in wifi before) and their is still the same issue but on my phone that worry me a lot... Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hi, so now it's my time to have issues with the infamous utopia.net Here is the situation:I don't have access to internet with google chrome, discord, steam or anything. But I can use the ping command in the CMD to ping and and I do have a reply. In the task manager>performance under my ethernet, the DNS name is utopia.net In my registry in here : Ordinateur\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\ I have a value where DhcpDomaine is set to "utopia.net" Also, my router itself is corrupted, because I have the very same issue with my desktop (using ethernet) and my laptop (using wifi) So while my desktop wasn't connected to my router, I ran adwcleaner and zhpcleaner and various antimalware software and forcing my dns to be and and hard reset my router manually with a button. But it didn't work. The difference with all the post I have seen about utopia, is that it appears that I'm the only one without internet access... I can provide you with anything you need to help me, I know my ways around a computer so I'll be able to do pretty much anything you ask. Now I'm helpless, I tried everything I knew, so if you can be of any help, it would be amazing. Lyx.
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