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  1. True, that was definitely my bad for assuming only knowledge people would read the post and figure out themselve that the link contains no virusses. I assume everything on that website is safe? If you could confirm that, I can just stop googling about all this stuff and leave it be. thanks
  2. Really appreciate all the information you have provided me. I just would like to know that my computer could not in any way get effected by the website I gave you right? I didn't click on the audio files. Just read the text.
  3. I just been googling and trying to understand it all.. came accross this website aswell -> https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?search=steganografie&title=Special%3ASearch&go=OK&uselang=nl&ns0=1&ns6=1&ns12=1&ns14=1&ns100=1&ns106=1 I saw there are audio files ending with .ogg on it, are these stereography files? since I know I have those on my phone aswell?
  4. I googled Steganography Malware Bytes and I just showed a blog. Are there any blogs or pages somewhere related to Malware Bytes that gives more information regarding this? (Sorry I don't know how to edit the previous post)
  5. I just recently understood pictures may contain spyware. For example how does it get executed, what are signs you have been caught by it, does Malware bytes detect it. For me, to get caught by a virus or spyware means you have to actually download something on your PC or Phone, seems like you can just get caught by spyware by simply clicking on a random picture and it could potentially have spyware in it. Just curiousity
  6. Sorry to bother in this topic, but is there any blog or informative page around regarding this about how it exactly works etc.
  7. Does the Malware Bytes Premium phone version also look for tracking apps on your phone? I mean if someone else chooses to hack your phone to read your messages, would it get detected by the Malware app?
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