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  1. Ok, so I just plugged in my ethernet cable and the file downloaded almost instantly. So I'm guessing maybe that this is a hardware issue with my wifi antenna/adapter?
  2. A few more details.... The 100% Disk error has all but stopped for the time being. When I pause the download for a period of time and then resume it, the download starts out at a promising speed around 1Mb (ok, not really "promising" but better than it's been) before QUICKLY dropping like dead weight down to about 4-6 kpbs. SOOOO d#@* frustrating! Even when I try to load a website, I'm running into problems. It takes forever to load, if it loads at all. If I try to reload, it attempts to do the TLS handshake and inevitably fails....
  3. Okay, I have spent the better part of several DAYS trying to fix my computer. It is an older Windows Core i7 that was previously running Windows 7. I upgraded it a while back to Windows 10 and started receiving 100% disk issues. I have gone through every "suggestion" in the book to try to resolve it with no luck (disabling Windows Search, Superfetch, updating all hardware drivers, yadda yadda....) Over the past few days, my computer has gotten progressively worse as far as running SUPER slow. I had removed all virus protection off my computer and was only running Windows Defender in my process of finding whatever is causing the 100% Disk issue. So today I tried to download Malwarebytes just to run a scan and see if I could find anything that might be causing this ridiculous slowness. Can't download at all. Red flag for a malware, right? Went into Safe Mode. Still can't download and the system spent at least 45 minutes to even start up. So after much frustration, I finally just did a Fresh Start update on Windows. Of course, it has removed ALL my programs and the system is STILL slow as Methuselah. Finally managed to get Malwarebytes downloaded after waiting over an hour. Ran a scan and got nothing. Now I'm trying to download the Microsoft Safety Scanner. It's been trying to download for at least 20 minutes. I'm at 64.5 MB of 151 MB. It's not my network either....I ran a speedtest with another device and it's while it IS running a bit slower than normal it still pegged at 14.4 Mbps. So clearly things should NOT be taking so long to download. does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to figure out how to get my laptop to go back to downloading at normal speeds? Is there some vulnerability in Microsoft that affects the download applications/layers/etc... that might be affected by some latent virus or malware on my machine??? any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks! TJ
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