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  1. I noticed 73 was out, I am on the release just prior to that 72.0.2 64 bit. I think I will update FF tomorrow after I do an image to my external drive. I do two images a week to an external drive and dismount it after each image, have a CD to boot and restore if needed. That process has saved me a couple times from my fiddling with software. Also saved a small business I help that got caught by ramsonware. They followed my backup imaging procedures I gave them, didn't have to pay the person who wanted them to buy a gift card. I usually give FF a week or so before updating, but if there are problems my restores are tested and work well. Besides, a snow storm is suppose to be coming in at 8Am, so might as well stay inside for awhile. All is still well as long as Weatherunderground tab has stopped. Also, I am using a FF reload add on for that tab, but have been using that config for several years with no problems. With no recent updates to FF reload addon, but did update NoScripts addon on 2/8/2020. Weatherunderground could have changed or added a JAVA script that didn't get along? I keep log of all updates as well as images. Do not believe this is a Malwarebytes issue, but caused Malawrebytes problems by hogging resources????
  2. Will do, I should have done more checking before posting. Since I was having issues with slow processing and seen critical errors with Malwarebytes- I assumed it was the problem. Now I am thinking problem might have be elsewhere, perhaps Firefox or a tab that was open in Firefox causing issues (only had 6 tabs going). Firefox hasn't been updated for a couple weeks so I don't think that is it. But when closing what I thought might be a problem tab that has been in startup of Firefox for years the memory and disk usage dropped a lot. That tab was Weatherunderground and it was acting strange as well as NoScripts on that tab. I had stopped Malwarebytes throughout this process, but it is back running now. So right now I am thinking that if another process was hogging all the disk and memory resources, then Malwarebytes may not have been able to complete something it started and failed? And that is why I was getting critical errors pointing to Malwarebytes. Not getting errors or high usage of memory and disk now with Malwarebytes again running. If issues start up again I will post logs mention above, I could do it now, but doubt you want if problem is not occurring.
  3. After posting I did a restart and things have seemed to improved, but don't seem normal, still slow and hangs now and then for a few moments. One good thing, stopped getting the error on Malwarebytes of (Error while updating Malwarebytes status to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON). Got 103 of them from 7am to 2PM.
  4. I am getting lots of critical errors today starting about 7AM. The error is Error while updating Malwarebytes status to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON (event id is 16) Wouldn't have really noticed, but computer seemed hung up with lots of disk I/O. Did a restart and looked at event log to see why it was so slow and appeared hung up. Then I seen all these critical errors around Malwarebytes. I am on update 1.0.19060 component 1.0.823
  5. I had this problem and ended up using Malware Support Tool to clean out the old version and load the new, all was well after that process.
  6. You can always dispute the CC charge and that will force someone from Malware to deal with you or CC will give you a credit by default.
  7. No window opened this morning and according to log it ran fine in background at 2AM. I just left window open before, so it was what I use to tell users was an ID 10 T error.
  8. It is kind of funny, around 8:30am this morning CST, scheduled scan showed tomorrow at 2AM. Now at 2:06PM CST, it says scheduled scan today at 2AM. My computer time is right at 1407 hrs. Malware must be using a different timezone?
  9. It ran in background on my laptop also. I will watch tonight, I have it run nightly at 2am. Since loading version 4 I have been have a few odd things and trying to learn the new interface. Since I think about it, I could have left Malware open last night when trying to get it to change scheduled scans. If I did, I could see why the window was open showing results of a scan. Will update, bet that is what I did.
  10. Some different, may be a bug? The scheduled scan ran at 2AM, but left the window opened, the prior release closed the window after a scheduled scan. Maybe I had a setting in prior release that went away?
  11. I have the same thing, says 2AM today, but you go to edit it and says 2AM on the 9th. Must be using a time where it is already the 9th for their calculations? Also, when I edit a scheduled scan or add a scan schedule it doesn't appear until I close Malwarebytes and the open Malwarebytes .
  12. I want to add a thank you to those who posted the various solutions on this forum, it is from reading those postings that I decided on the course of action to solve the problem.
  13. Well it seems like I fixed it, no thanks to the technical support center which never even responded except with "canned email responses". Hope I never have a serious problem that causes down time. Guess that is why I do two complete images a week, never know what will happen. Looking around on this error, it looks like V4 was just released Monday. The only reason I hit the download button was I just renewed and was prompted to download. My thoughts are never be in on the leading edge of new releases, I actually call them the bleeding edge of technology, let someone else get the kinks out. From reading other post on forum, I decided not doing a dump of log. I would just clean all old junk off that had to deal with Malware. So using the Malware Support Tool I cleaned off the old version which if I remember right was 3.7.1? Anyway after cleaning, rebooting and reloading- it did not get the meaningless error message " An error occurred ". So the 4th attempt worked. Did a complete scan of two systems and appears to be working.
  14. Since I restored with an image made prior to the error loading Malware, there is nothing on that machine to show I even attempted to load Malware 4. I may just wait until they get this fixed or cancel the paid version? I guess in my old age (72) I am getting grumpy or maybe it the almost 40 years I spent as system software tech on mainframes? I just want the guy I sent the trouble ticket to figure out what is wrong and fix it. However, for now that other machine is running 3.7.1. Thanks for your response, I may try that at some point if it gets so cold that I am staying inside. Now it's 28 degrees and I got to saw up some firewood. That will work some of my frustration out. Still wonder where those technicians are on my trouble ticket, must not be like in my day when we actually worked?
  15. I been fighting this same issue on just one of two PCs after renewing license! I tried loading V4 from Malware web site and from within Malware settings/applications/ install applications update on PC. Same error which concerns me, so I restore with an older image. Actually I have restored that image more that once as I don't like way the Malwarebyte installs (or don't install without error). I did create a ticket and got an email with a suggestion (a canned suggestion) which didn't work and I already had done. Reply to email and get nothing? Think I should go back to what I use to use several years ago- free version. Could just put CC in dispute. Once when I installed I deleted the desktop Malware icon and told the install to put on a desktop icon. It did not put on the desktop icon. The install goes and looks like it will complete, it appears to be fine when you run showing the most current release, but there is that error message that just doesn't sit right with me. Also, it not a big deal, but it should have put that stupid icon on desktop which is no big deal to do myself. Another difference is that I did not get a screen as the email link Malware "canned message" showed, I did not get a screen asking if I was home or business. Tired of messing with this, can't trust program installs that end with error messages.
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