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Found 16 results

  1. Hi I got a renewal key today for Malwarebytes premium for Mac. Which I run on one MacBook . Problem is key valid, but on clicking Activation i'm told that I am trying to activate too many devices on a single license. Having only had the key for less than 24 hours I am wondering if this has anything to do with the key having to sync with my account? I have used this product since 2016 and never had any problems before. On going to my account under subscriptions, their are no valid subscriptions, only one that has expired. TIA for any help. Gym
  2. Friday last week I noticed that my MalwareBytes Premium license key was removed from my installation on both my Windows 10 PC. I went to my account grabbed my license key and tried to reinstall it. When I did this, a message came back saying License Key blacklisted. What gives?? I am paid up until June 4 2022. I cannot find anything in the forums or the support pages about this. I have opened a call last Friday but have not heard a useful reply yet from Malwarebytes. I am on version 4.3
  3. Had 19 days left Malwarebytes Prem, got new license key for 5 devices and 1 year from Amazon. Instructions I got from Malwarebytes web site seem to say logon Malwarebytes and enter new license key under My Account page, which I did. Then it updated my license, but with 366 days. So I lost out on the 19 days remaining, which I am not that worried about, but wonder what I did wrong- didn't have this issue the last few years. Usually it added 1 year to what days I had remaining. Sent 2 request to support just asking and the first one went 2 days with no response, well I got one asking i
  4. I just updated my software to the most recent version of MalwareBytes and when I enter my license key in it tells me my "License Key is Blacklisted". I have a support ticket in with MalwareBytes but haven't heard from them yet. I think this is pretty sad because while I'm waiting for them to get around to my support ticket I don't get real time monitoring. So not impressed. Does anyone else have this problem and if so have you been able to resolve this issue?
  5. I purchased a premium license, got a key, registered it, everything is ok. There was a note "enter license ID if you got one". Although I didn't get one I'm curious what that is, a 'license ID'. Searching MBAM returned that note but no explanation.
  6. Running v3.31 on Windows 10 Pro: Scenario 1) Settings / Application Tab -> Click "Install Application Updates" Result 1) "Network Error. Unable to contact update server. Please check your internet connection." Scenario 2) Dashboard / Scan Status section -> Click Update: "Check for updates" Result 2) "Network Error. Unable to contact update server. Please check your internet connection." Scenario 3) Dashboard of fully licensed Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium, 3 PCs, 2 years. Effective Date: 3/29/2017, Expiration Date: 3/28/2019. Product appears to be trial version. R
  7. Hi, I have my Lic ID & Lic Key showing on a screenshot I made if there is a place to securely upload it. Says renewal due 2019. I had malwarebytes 3 working fine but had to disable temporarily & never could get the real time web protection button to stay on after that. I deleted program & reinstalled from file on my acct. Can't get either Lic ID or Lic Key to save tho' I have them clearly on screenshot I can send you. Also, I set up malwarebytes acct & created password but password that I wrote down doesn't work & need to recover my password. Please refer to my e-mai
  8. I have a Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium (formerly Anti-Malware Premium) 3 seat purchased license that expires in June 2018 but cannot activate the installed premium software. I've re-downloaded the software twice but this does not solve the issue.
  9. I upgraded to win 10 Malwarebytes was not working right it was using 99% my CPU, so I uninstalled Malwarebytes and reinstalled it.. then I did a clean install win 10 and installed Malwarebytes again. Windows 10 just doesn't do well on my old computer so I did a clean install back to 8.1 and tried to install Malwarebytes the license key would not work so I called what I thought was Malwarebytes support and like a fool I let them in my computer they wanted to charge me 300 bucks to fix my computer IT WAS A SCAM. I had just done a clean install of win 8.1..I didn't pay them any money but bec
  10. Hello, yesterday I bought Malwarebytes Premium for Windows and have problem with instalation of this product. I copy the key which was sended for me by email but I have a error MBAM 404102 " the licence key was not found. There is a problem with your licence key ......" Can You help me, please? I tryed to reinstallate my free version and install the new one Malwarebytes 3.2.2. from the website but have the same answer about licence key. I have good internet connection and dont have other antivirus programs on my laptop. In my account I can see that my Premium version is Activ.
  11. Do we need or is there a benefit to applying the new year's license key? The instructions to update are only for new installs rather than an annual update. The license key is different but the MBAE app says the next renewal is one year from today so it sems to be running fine with last year's license. Normally, I would apply the new license but on all three installs have given me a hard time lately including, but not limited to, being forced to using the MB clean install to update and even then it gave me problems for a while. So, I'm nervous about touching anything at this time.
  12. I now have a premium license. In it on the id and key are displayed and expiration status is written a "never" So If i migrate malwarebytes to my new pc. how can I transfer my lifetime license
  13. Same problem here and my lifetime license was purchased through Cleverbridge in 2013.
  14. When I came home from vacation, all of the sudden I have an updated Malwarebytes AV. I tried to update the lifetime license ID and KEY, but it would not take my ID. The Key was OK, but could not click the activate button. Tried chatting but they were no help and made me mad. They kept sending me to a page that was absolutely no help. I've been with Malwarebytes for approximately 5 years, but it looks as though our relationship will end.
  15. Hello, Last I bought the Premium version for this computer and it ran well (as far as I know) up until about a week before it's one year expiration date. It reverted to FREE version and at that time I opened a support ticket to ask about it. It took about a week of back and forth, and suddenly my case was marked as "Resolved" because I suppose it became a moot point at the expiration date. This week, on Cyber Monday, I bought the Premium version again, this time for 2 computers but it will NOT activate. (It runs and scans as a FREE version. When I run it, first I download the updates a
  16. Hi, I wondered if you can helo me - I have recently reinstalled Malwarebytes. When I entered my ID and key to update to premium (I am paid up until August this year), it states that the key is no longer valid. Please let me know if you need any further details from me. Kind regards Mike
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