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  1. Yeah, Sorry for not replying back. I tried MB in safemode again, and it seemed to do the trick this time. No need to run the fixlist.txt. Hopefully it won't come back. Thanks for the quick replys!
  2. I also scanned the computer in safe mode and quarantined all the things MB found, but I sometimes still get a notification from MB about cdn.immereeako.info when visiting different sites. mb_report.txt
  3. Hi, As so many others on this forum, I also encountered this trojan, that injects the malicious code in webpages and sometimes tries to redirect to go.microsoft. I have run Malwarebytes and quarantined everything it found, but the problem persist. I read other topics in this forum about this, but it seems, that the fixlist.txt files are specific to their computers, so better not to try those. I will attach the FRST log. Thank you! FRST.txt Addition.txt
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